Need info on Classic East/West bag

  1. Hi girls! I've seen some of you girls' pics on the East/West bag, does Chanel still launch this as a permanent line like the classic flap or cambon or was it a seasonal line? I really like it - a good evening, going out bag to have, I'd love one in white or coral pink. Pls let me know! Thanks! :yes:
  2. Hi, I just got the East/West bag about a month ago. It fits a lot, plus it is 500 less than the classic medium. I haven't seen a lot of white, but I did see a coral color in both caviar and lambskin. There was a gray one which I regret not getting.... I think there was a purple, blue, and tan when I was there as well (hope that helps :P)
  3. its part of the timeless classic collection, so its permanent and will never go on sale.
  4. Thanks girls! So the E/W is only $1095! And you said it fits alot? Wow, that's good, because when I tried the med classic flap, it was a bit big-almost just right. I'll try out the E/W. ;)
  5. I love the Small classic East West. I bought it for $1050 in Plum. It actually fits a wallet, keys and a cell phone and maybe more. Actually it's a good size to still be elegant. The Medium was a little too bulky for me, depending on the kinda bags you like. Let me know if you need measurements!
  6. Does the East West come in large. I am really starting to crave this style.I have seen it in plum It is gorgeous!
  7. does anybody know the measurement of the strap and is this adjustable? thanks!
  8. The strap on the east west I have is not adjustable.

    I only know the measurements of the
    Large Flap=10inches long

    Jumbo Flap=12inches Long

  9. If you go to the top of this forum, and click Chanel Reference Library, scroll down to the thread Post pictures of your Flap, Classic Flap and Reissues! You would be able to see the different kinds of the Classics. There is one Large Lambskin in Plum posted. I think they called this bag the east west because of the new width which is a lot skinnier and broader (rectangular) as compared to the classics which are a little on the squarish side.
  10. I have the white east/west and the strap is adjustable.:flowers:
  11. Really? The one I have can only be carried on my shoulder but not as a messenger. The strap is short.

  12. the strap for the east west style is adjustable but it is not to the extend that you will be able to carry it like a messenger. check the left end of the strap. you can open that closure, that's how you can adjust the strap.

  13. No, east west style only comes in one size.