Need info on a 'Charcoal"??? birkin

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  1. Hi I am new to H bags, and am looking to get my first birkin30. I tried on a dark grey birkin at a local consignment store today, I love the color, the shop SA told me is a new color for 2008, I think he mentioned something 'Charcoal', is there such a color for 2008? and is this the correct name for the color?
    Thanks ladies, the info will be very helpful for me to nail down my first birkin, I am originally thinking of a raisin, now I might change my mind, TIA again.
  2. It could be graphite.
  3. Maybe graphite?
  4. It could also be Ardoise, which I think was a new 2008 color. But that's more of a slate gray, than a charcoal black...:shrugs:

    correction, it was a 2007 color...
  5. Thanks Lyanna Stark and _bella_ for the speedy reply, I'll try to see if I can search for birkins in these colors and see if they are the right one.

    The bag I tried on is a second hand bag in like new condition, but the price for 2nd hand birkin in Hong Kong is terribly high, this particular birkin 30 is priced at HKD68000, which is around USD8718, you think this is too much??
    I hope I can find the correct color info and try my luck else where.
  6. Here's Ranag's pic. Graphite is the one on the right.

  7. can you post pictures of the bag. Are you sure it's real. If you can take a picture of it you should get it authenticated on our Authenticate this thread.
  8. I have sent a PM to you.
  9. Hi Iceearl. A new Birkin 35 is 8950 plus taxes.

  10. IceEarl, I just called the H shop and asked for the price of 30cm Birkins of 'regular/normal' leather. I was told that it costs around HK$68,000. :smile:
  11. Hi there IceEarl, remember me? So nice to meet you here, am looking for a Hermes Birkin too. Of course, very's the Chanel bags????
  12. IceEarl its nice to see you move to the orange side :smile:
  13. With the current economy, a second-hand birkin at HK$68,000 is way beyond the market price. I suggest you check at the France Station in Percival Street, Causeway Bay. I get my first birkin, a 30cm Clemence in Poussiere color there in July 08 and it's brand new at only HK$73,000. I think you can now negotiate a better price. I then get my second birkin in the Hong Kong Hermes Shop in Nov 08. It is a 30cm Rosy in swift and the price at the Hermes shop is only $68,300. If it is your first birkin, and you intend to have only one birkin, go for a brand new one.
  14. Thanks Lyanna Stark for the pic, I also did a search, below is a great comparison between the Ardoise (left) and Graphite (right)... and I must say both are beautiful colors and ...I am confused as seeing the colors side by side now, I can't remember which color I tried on, and I guess the leather makes a difference in the color too, I think the one I tried on is a clemence.....

  15. Hi pocketyee, thanks for the suggestion, I don't think they will allow me to take a pic, anyways, I am not worried about authenticity at this moment as I might not buy from that shop, I just hope to decide on the color and leather for my first birkin... so I can get it from the shop myself (hopefully) or from a reputable seller. :-P