NeeD INFO ASAP about pony hair, please....

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  1. Hi everyone,

    i bought a pony hair bag og Jimmy Choo from UK and it's ready to be sent over me tomorrow....
    I went to my local store today and the SA said that she doesn't have pony hair in the store because the pony hair is not durable and the hair easily falls off and since it's natural, all depends on the condition of the leather and temperatures.....

    i just don't understand!!

    is that true? because i don't need a bag that makes me scared using it...

    thanks in advance
  2. I don't know. I went to the Jimmy Choo boutique near me today to see the Kasia pony in real life and the SA did warn me about wear, but then tried to get me to buy a more expensive leather bag from her. But other SAs have not. So I don't know the answer to this.

    The hair was itchy to me so I cancelled my kasia.
  3. Yes they do shed. I have one, and I love it, but it sheds. It is new, so no bald spots yet, and I don't carry it very often. Make sure you pull back the hair gently and look to see what color the bag is underneath the hair and I would not buy a solid color.
  4. I don't think that pony hair bags are meant for daily use. They will go bald from rubbing (especially a shoulder bag). I have a pony hair bag that I've had for years, but I only use it on weekends.
  5. Well, it is a good thing I cancelled the bag then. I have a big black dog that sheds enough for three dogs in my house, let alone adding a bag that sheds! I wish they would make some of these styles in leather.
  6. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: You didn't............

    OMG, I loved this bag and it was even in the cream color :s I was so excited for you and was truly hoping to see modeling photos.

    I thought this bag would be so perfect for you on those nights out on the town in NYC :yahoo: and such a Spectacular addition to your Gorgeous Choo collection :crybaby:
  7. I know, the bag is gorgeous, but if I bought it I would never touch it and for $2400, that is a little much for shelf candy. Sorry, it is just a matter of personal taste but I cant wear fur/hair. I thought it being the lattice, it wouldn't bug me, but it was way too much for me.
  8. Also, my Choo collection may be getting a special edition that will blow this out of the water if they can do it. I don't want to jinx it like I did the Croc so I will post details if it gets approved.

  9. IKWM :sweatdrop:

    The pony/calf hair doesn't bother me, but the lattice is very delicate and when I was modeling it last week in the store w/ DD & Casey, I said "I can just see myself (HUGE Klutz) going to grab the bag from my seat in a hurry and the lattice would catch on the parking brake w/o me realizing it and I would end up ripping a huge hole in the bag:cursing: :cursing: "

    I know I would never be able to own a bag that is so delicate (picture a bull in a china shop) and if it wasn't me ripping the bag, it would be DH :noggin:
  10. mine will be zebra print... do you think it will show??
    i'm freaking outttttt
    i wont use it as my daily bags... i baby my bags too!
    so do you guys think it'll be a problem
    it's quite large... the large saba bag...
    so i think it's gonna be rubbed against my jeans and clothes...
    wat d you guys think??
    should i get it?
    anyone ever seen this in person???
  11. I have seen it in person and it is a gorgeous bag. I have the large Saba in black suede and when I bought it, the SA told me to rotate which side I wear it on so it wears evenly. From that I would assume that there will be rubbing. Carrying it, I don't see how there would not be rubbing since it is a slouchy hobo and leans up against your side.
  12. i have a pony hair prada (sorry no pony hair choos) and it developed a bald spot. i took it to a master shoe/bag repair guy in beverly hills and he said that shedding to the point of bald spotting is a problem with these pony hair bags and shoes. it is a lot of money to take that kind of a risk. you'd have to be sure to alternate the sides you carry close to your body in order to even out wear and to not carry it as your daily bag for any real length of time. this is not the kind of bag that gets better with age... that said they are lovely but i will never again spend a lot of money on a pony hair bag...
  13. Oh men! Super OUCH lionlaw!!:sad: I was very very excited for you! You were my ray of hope on my lost love for the pony hair. I think I better accept it that all along my SA was right! :Push: I was in denial for the longest period of time and now that I see that it is really not practical, I should let it go. I was getting ready for the June sale, darn! :s Tough love but thanks for all the info Ladies!!:girlsigh:
  14. I did see it/wear it and loved it last week in Chicago:heart: The bag is a wonderful size and the Pony hair is so fun:wlae:

    I would snatch it up in the 50% off sales (if it is still available) to use as a "Special Occasional Use" bag, but I doubt I would ever pay full price for a bag that I would have to be so careful with :sad: (JMO)
  15. headacheee!!:Push: