Need info about Let-Trad

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever purchased anything from Let-Trade. And if yes, does the items ever smell of smoke? Any opinions of them? Thank you!
  2. I have purchased a few items and have been nothing less than thrilled!
    One bag had a faint mothball smell, but it didn't really bother me. It's almost gone now. The price was incredible, so that's a minor quibble for me.
    No smoke smells.
    I love Let-trade!
    If you do a board search for their name, you'll find tons of info as well.
  3. Let-trade is a very popular seller on this board!
  4. Do a search, there are many threads on this topic.

    Go up to the top, *search* and type in let-trade in the search box an title of thread, on the right side go down to louis vuitton forum and there you go.
  5. I guess because let-trade sells on consignment, some bags may have odours and some may not. Items I've purchased form them didn't smell.

  6. ..that's what I was going to say, I have purchased from them - no problems! However, people from Canada have had problems needing to pay some addl tax at the post office -but other than that, no problems....would/will buy from them again, as soon as they have something I want!!
  7. I've met him personally when i visited HK this month. I ended up getting a le fab & MC audra from him. Always authentic LVs and he's very very friendly. Not to mention, good looking too haha.. :P
  8. Let-Trade is great their items authentic just be sure to confirm that there is no odors (mothball/cig smoke) in the item you are thinking about purchasing.
  9. I purchased a new bag from them so no odors of course. Service was great; emailed and quick delivery.

    A good looking male selling LV?! lol.
  10. How awesome that you met Raymond.:yes:
  11. Ask about any smells if you are someone mentioned, they are a consignment store so just in case their clients used mothballs...but so far, purchases from them have been nothing but fantastic!
  12. I have contemplated purchasing from Let-Trade many times. I have communicated with him via e-mail and he is quick to respond. He has great stuff at awesome prices!!! However, I have yet to sum up the courage to purchase since I have seen posts where there were problems with being delayed by US Customs, but what bothers me most is the possibility of having to pay fees on top of what I pay for the bag. Call me cheapskate, but I would hate to purchase at a great price and have to pay double just to get it here...

    I've read that some never had to pay and some do. Any suggestions on how to get around this?
  13. I live in the US, and I've never paid customs for any of my handbags. Then again, most of the bags I've bought were between the $100-$300 range. It could be different if the face value is higher...
  14. ^^I'm in Arcadia, CA. I suppose I can go to the source and ask Let-Trade. Thank you for your response...