need info about fendi jordan

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  1. dearest tpfers....

    is there any bags named fendi jordan? one of my co-worker toting bag with bright colour (brown and blue) with animation in front and two pocket in each side. Is there any kind of bag like that on fendi? coz i've been trying to search in the subforum there is no clue...

    please help.... the bags are kinda cute, but i'm afraid those are fake.
  2. Does not ring a bell. :shrugs:

  3. umm.... you think it is completely fake? fendi never make those kind of bag?

    i ever heard about bag du jour... it looks kinda like that, but the bag is fully bright leather (blue and brown orange), with two side pocket trim with choco leather. Had an animal picture on the front side (it's kinda hard to tell whether it is flower picture or turtle, :smile:). Do you think this kind of thing is ever exist?