need ideas!!

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  1. Hey all.
    I know you Purse Forumers have some awesome ideas so, any ideas you have for me would be great!
    I am going to visit my cousin and his fiancee for a few days (my cousin is 26), and the thing is, I don't really talk to my cousin that much, and I have only met his fiancee once, but we talk a lot on MSN and Facebook, and she's really nice.. I am 17
    So, they live just outside a big city, and they have their own house..
    any ideas on what we could all do? Like, shopping and stuff I know, but any other ideas would be awsomw!
  2. Depends on where you're from and to where you're headed.
  3. What city is it? That might help because people from that area could give suggestions of what to do.