Need ideas on a small versatile purse!

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  1. I've been looking for a purse, but I haven't been able to find the perfect one. Can anyone help think of purses that might fit what I'm looking for?

    Here's my criteria:
    • Durable for frequent/travel use
    • Higher end designer/design so that I could take it to a nice dinner if needed
    • Big enough to fit an iPhone 6 plus + a few other things (cash, keys, lipstick, etc). But small enough so that I can take it out or wear it for hours without my shoulder hurting
    • Ideally a removeable crossbody strap so that it converts into a clutch
    • Has a zipper or zippered pocket that can fit my passport or has a more secure closure than just a snap
    The only purse that meets this criteria so far is the Bottega Veneta mini messenger. The stella mccartney falabella pouch also fits the bill, but the strap is short and not removeable.

    TIA!! :heart::heart:
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  2. Have you considered the Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC)? I have 4 of them and it's a great little every day bag! I also use it for travel. It meets all of your criteria except for the removable strap/chain. I'd definitely recommend getting it in the Caviar leather if you plan to use it a lot. Good luck!
  3. I don't have either, but I have heard good things about the Dior miss Dior promenade clutch and the large YSL WOC
  4. i vote for Bottega Disco bag!
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  6. Good thoughts! Just went to look at the YSL. Definitely a contender.
    Right?! It's so incredibly functional. But I can't decide if I like how it looks.
    Beautiful!!! Yeah the lambskin would be ruined by me so quickly. :sad:
    Good thinking! Just looked and they have some newer styles too. I literally just walked by a Chanel boutique ugh. I'll definitely take a look!

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  7. Lol :biggrin: i am no help, i am totally biased, for me it looks absolutely stunning!
  8. Valextra Casa Clutch
  9. Second on the YSL woc. Although it's quite a loud statement bag with that big YSL on it - it's by far my most versatile bag and the matelasse "caviar" is pretty bulletproof. I believe it's $1550 now for the large. Would not recommend the smaller size, as its capacity is more similar to the Chanel woc.
  10. I just got the ysl teen bag and love it. You can check it out on
  11. Ooo!! I like bulletproof. I've had previous YSL in other leathers and they weren't very durable so that was my hesitation.

    How is the comfort of the chain? Do you find it comfortable for all day wear? That was my other concern as the chain is a bit sharper than on other bags it seemed. Thanks!!
  12. Lanvin Jiji, Gucci Jackie Flap Shoulder Bag (works as a cross body if you're on the shorter side), Marni Mini Trunk