Need Ideas for White Bag

Jan 10, 2006
I am returning my MJ Elise Chalk because I have been told that light colored patent leather changes color over time. I love this bag/style but I hate the idea that the color will change. I need a white leather bag for spring/summer. Anyone have any ideas on a cute white bag that could replace my Elise? I have considered a Balenciaga, but already own an Ink City and wanted to consider something different. Ideas?
The LV Roxbury Drive in Perle is a darling bag. It's milky white patent Vernis leather. At first I didn't love Perle (especially in some of the larger bags) but I saw a Roxbury Drive in real life a few weeks ago and it totally changed my perception of the color. You can carry it by hand or use the detachable strap to carry it on the shoulder. It's very sophisticated and great for work/dressing up, but can also be dressed down with jeans and heels. It all depends on what style you're into. I happen to be a huge fan of all things LV, so there's my humble recommendation. :smile: Good luck with your search for the perfect summer bag and have fun with it all season!
What about a quilted MJ Blake in ivory? I think I saw one on NM online the other day. I'm trying to get a black one or some other colour but not white, lol! Or a Fendi Spy satchel/bowler whatever they call it?
I have the MJ Sophia in white and LOVE it.


The Julia is also a nice-looking bag.

Or if you want something slouchy, the Hayden-Harnett Havana hobo:
I just ordered an MJ medium-sized hobo in white. It hasn't arrived yet, so I haven't yet seen it "in person" but it looks really cute on the websites (neimans and elux). Sorry i'm computer illiterate with posting links!
I like it because I love the gold hardware with the white and it doesn't seem quite as "slouchy" as other hobos. It looks like a really nice summer bag.
Georgiegirl, there are many beautiful white bags this season, what do you think of YSL Medium Muse? They have some similarities: price, structured bag, roomy, hand-held or worn on the shoulder, classic looking. If it's not your style, how about Tod's Decoupage Shopping Media (picture from NM). Do you live by any shopping center? Maybe you can check out some of these bags in person as well. =)

Fendi Small Spy Bowler in White (cute! Not as detailed as regular Spy though)
MJ Stam in Cream (roomy & beautiful)
Channel Classic Flap (I prefer this chain. Too small?)
Celine Cladestine in Powdered (don't like Black/Luggage)
Chloe Paddington Satchel in Chalk
Bottega Veneta's Woven Napa Frame Bag (smal)
Miu Miu's Morgot Tote (I haven't seen it in person)
Okay, I returned my MJ Elise patent and took home the Julia. I think I like this one because it is not stark white. I already have the Stam in black and the Muse in black so I didn't want to duplicate them. If I find something better, I will return the Julia.