Need ideas for wallet/cosmetic pouch

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  1. I am hoping someone can help me out.

    I am looking for a wallet type thing, which is about 12" in length and about 4" depth. Preferably with a zip fastening, to keep the contents as clean as possible.

    Best way to explain I can think of, is something which would be like a typical pencil case, we use at school.

    I am looking for something which is substantial and durable, leather would be ideal, but I doubt I can find what I want. A heavy canvas may also work.

    Any ideas are welcome, even if they have pattern on them, that might well be different.

  2. So is it a wallet or a cosmetic pouch that you are looking for? Will something other than leather or canvas do? I'll keep looking, this lady will do custom orders so if you're interested, you might ask her if she makes a pouch that is longer than the usual sizes she makes:



    This pouch by jpatpurses is 12" long:



    12"L x 6"T x 3"W

  3. WOW, those are great.

    Exactly the size etc I am needing.

    Thank you so very much.
  4. Lulu Guinness does some great, cute mini bags/cases that might fit the bill. I use the London Skyline one to carry my cables, PDA leads, USB sticks etc to and from the office and it is a perfect size.
  5. Thanks Miss Sooky, I found this ~ it is lovely, albeit not long enough, but it is out of stock. I will keep an eye open.


    Dimensions: W19 H11
    Shoe shop embroidered wallet on satin base. Interior zip coin section and card holder compartments.
    For further enquiries please contact your local Lulu Guinness store

  6. She does some great things - there is a shop I have bought items from online when the LG site itself says something is out of stock and I can find out the name/PM it if that would be helpful?