Need ideas for Christmas presents for hubby...

  1. Hi, Every year he tells me he doesn't want anything, but of course that isn't an option with me. So I end of getting him a bunch of boring items like, socks, shirts, clothes and things that really one doesn't need a holiday to buy.

    Does anyone have any interesting ideas. I'd like to spend around $500. or so. He is a very young 57, loves tools (but has most already). Loves gadgets.

    Please help me. I'm sure others have the same problem.

    Also, any ideas for my Mom who has everything? She is around 75 and I'm tired of buying her clothes every Christmas. I usually spend around $100. on her.

    Thank you.
  2. Any other hobbies for hubby? Golf, sports, etc...event gifts always work for me.
  3. What about....

    Electronics (ipods, psp, a new telly, new cellphone, new games for whatever game console etc.)

    A new wedding ring? (who says you can't have more than one? lol) Car stuff? A new car even? ;)

    Tickets to some sports event?
  4. What are your Mum's hobbies?
  5. My husband is SOOOOO...hard to buy for. This year I got him the Bose quiet comfort headphones for when he travels...they are really awesome, and cost about $400...if you order directly through Bose..they come with a free MP3 player.
  6. Car navigator, notebook, bose speakers, new wallet, tickets to the basketball.