Need ideas for a purse for a 13 year old

  1. My niece is turning 13 and is just starting to get into having a purse and I wanted to get her a great one for her birthday. Does anyone have a daughter/niece this age that could cue me into what's in?! I've been looking at the Juicy bags on sale but don't know if that's "cool" or not! Thanks for any ideas!
  2. My 13 y/o SIL loves Juicy. I gave her one of the bowlers and she adores it... and her friends are jealous. I think it probably depends on the area in which she lives. My SIL lives in a state where any kind of designer bags aren't the norm so to her Juicy is extra cool.
  3. She might like tokidoki, those bags are soo cute!
  4. Which color did you get her? I'm seeing alot of bright pink which is too much for me but a 13 year old may love! My niece lives in Las Vegas and goes to private school. She told me the girls make fun of her because she doesn't shop at Abercrombie. Luckily she has a good head on her shoulders and it doesn't get her down.
  5. I've never seen those - I'll have to check those out. Thanks!
  6. Her bowler is pink and black. The pink isn't super bright but you do notice it.
  7. there's a tokidoki subforum on the TPF :supacool:
  8. a little coach bag might be cute? idk how much you wanted to spend, but many girls that age really love coach... maybe one of their little signature demi pouches?
  9. I wanted to keep it under $100. I know it's alot for a 13 year old but she's also my goddaughter and my mini-me and she deserves something extra special. I'll check out the Coach bags as well. I found a hot pink Juicy messenger bag at Nordstrom Rack and got it but she won't be able to return it since her birthday isn't until October. Here's an eBay link with photos - any opinions?
  10. Tokidoki or Dooney
  11. juicy or dooney & bourke.
  12. Out of the Juicy choices, I like the hobo (2nd) one better. As for other brands, what 13 year old wouldn't love a Coach?
  13. I think the hobo is a better choice in the juicy category! Also, a Coach would be a great idea! You could try a Coach Outlet or eBay, sometimes there are some real cute Coach bags on ebay for $100 or less.