Need ideas for a card

  1. My Mom's friend's son has cancer. He has been battling with this for almost 5 years now. His condition has been up and down and up and down and just recently has gotten way down, to the point where he is in hospice care.

    I am going to make a card with my son for him, but I need some ideas for what to say inside. "Thinking of you" is the only thing I can think of. Can anyone suggest any other kind words for him? I don't think "Get well soon" or "be strong" would be appropriate in his situation.
  2. Wow, that is so tough. You could also say something along the lines of

    "This card is just for you to tell you how special you are, and that you are in my thoughts and prayers."
  3. maybe have your son write a cute quirky little joke in it, and write how laughter is the best kind of medicine, something along those lines. i understand he's in hospice but a nice laugh could really make a difference instead of all those same old thinking of you cards. how old is he? maybe you could get him a card that talks about "a gaurdian angel" of sorts or to let him know how proud his mother is of him. not sure ,sorry about my rants
  4. Oh God how sad is that! Prayers for your friend & her son & all of you!
    How about something light but meaningful & hopeful which is very important; like; We love you, big guy, looking forward to having you home again to go to the ball game or whatever he is interested in.