need idea of dessert to make for 12 people!

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  1. I didn't think I would post here 1 day but here I am........with need of help !
    Here it is : for my work get-together event, we'll have to prepare our own dinner together with our colleagues.
    1 team starter, 1 team main course and 1 team dessert.
    I have been designated to be in charge of the Dessert -the down side of being French : everybody thinks you're a brilliant cook !!!!-
    (at least that saves us from the blend danish desserts, when there is one)

    Anyways, it has to be for 12 people, basic ingredients easy to find (remember we are in denmark), and doesn't require to be left in the fridge for more than 1 hour.
    I was thinking Chocolate mousse, but it needs 5 hours !

    Plz nothing too complicated my reputation, and the french, is up in the air !
  2. Chocolate Fondue? Loads of fresh fruit, some skewers and one of those chocolate melty things.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion Cal, but it has to be a dessert that requires some "preparation" as it's a group activity -ok there is slicing the fruits-
  4. How about crepes? It's so quintessentially French! You can bring all types of different fillings.
  5. Yes, especially because it's from "Bretagne"(britain) where I come from......BUT (I know I 'm difficult to please) it's basically a mixture to make and then 1 person -that would be me- get stuck by the cooker with a pan for 1h to make them all.
  6. hmmmmmmm........I'm having a think. Tarte Tartin? It's very, very quick and easy.
  7. the chocolate mousse filling for delia's chocolate log only takes an hour or so to set, that might do it? or i have a recipe for a very good sticky chocolate cake (kladdkaka in swedish if that tells you anything) which takes about 15 minutes for the mix maximum, and 35 minutes in the oven. it's also practically impossible to mess up. depending on how greedy your guests are two may be required though :lol: i usually make two when the number of guests exceeds four but my friends are a little too fond of my cake :roflmfao:
  8. I love brownies topped with chocolate pudding and then whipped cream. Different people could work on making the different layers. :shrugs:
  9. If blatant and utter cheating (picking out something nice at the caterer's) is out of the question, let your "preparation" be more assembly than actual cooking.

    You already have a couple of suggestions that lend themselves to that. I will give you another one:

    Faux Black Forest Cake

    Buy an unfrosted devil's food cake, a can of cherry pie filling, some chocolate syrup, some whipped cream, and a bittersweet chocolate bar.

    With a long knife, split the cake horizontally, so you have two "layers."

    Drizzle some chocolate syrup on a plate, and set the first layer there.

    Spread half the cherry pie filling over the top of the first layer. (If you bought a big cake, you might need two cans of cherry pie filling)

    Carefully place the top layer on top of the cherry-pie-filling-covered bottom layer, and drizzle chocolate syrup on it.

    Glop the rest of the cherry pie filling on it so it runs down the sides.

    Squirt whipped cream over the whole thing.

    Take a cheese grater, and hold it over the cake. Run the bittersweet chocolate bar over the cheese grater until cake is sprinkled attractively with chocolate bits.

    An hour will be plenty of time for the cake to absorb the various things it is intended to absorb.

    You can also do a variation on this using angel food cake, crushed pineapple, whipped cream, and sliced toasted almonds. Or you can use mandarin orange slices either instead of or in addition to the pineapple, coconut with the almonds, discover explore. If you like caramel, do oranges, caramel sauce and pecans. Or walnuts.

    You can see this is very flexible, and gives you plenty of room for creativity. The key principle is assemble - don't cook! Astonish! Amaze! Deceive! Confound! :lol:
  10. What if you pre-made cupcakes & let the group decorate them with candies & fruit?
  11. I made my decision : I´m going for traditionnal french chocolate mousse, I found a recipe that requires only min.1h in fridge. Since our team will be fast in the preparation while the others cook the rest of the dinner, and then count the time for eating before we get to dessert (with all the chatting, laughing and drinking) It will be fine I guess !!!!!
    Thanks so much for your suggestions ladies, I keep your ideas and receipe for me at home ....miam yummie....Tarte tatin-black forest-brownies:drool:
  12. Self saucing fudge pudding.


    You need:
    Baking Powder

    let me know if you want the recipe and I'll go dig it out!