Need Idea: How to wrap up a money gift for a wedding?!

  1. Hi Ladies (& Gentlemen of course),

    one of my friends is getting married next sunday and I need help.

    She and her husband-to-be asked for money, so money it will be. :yes:

    HOWEVER, what do I with it? I just can't hand over the cash and I just don't want to give a plain card/envelope with the money in it. :confused1:

    Any suggestions for a special way to wrap the bills?! What do you do when you give money?

    Thanks in advance for all your help :flowers:
  2. Usually my family & I just slip the bills in a nice card and then give it to the bride & groom at the reception party whent hey come around the tables.
  3. You could buy a cute piggy bank...put the $$$ inside, and wrap it up! They can keep the piggy bank for when they have kids (if that is in their plan)!!!
  4. Or, if you know if lots of people who plan to give them money - you can do one of those cute money trees.
  5. Usually, we just put it in a nice red pocket - you should be able to find these at a local Chinese stationary goods store.
  6. You can always just put it in a nice envelope and then wrap it in a regular sized box, like a normal gift!
  7. I have put money in a pretty box. Like a small decorative box you would put on a table for display.
  8. Most card shops have money cards for most occassions. They are tall and slim which is just right for checks and cash. If you don't see them, ask someone who works there.
  9. Usually at European weddings, cash is a common gift. My dh and I got wads of cash for our wedding, some cheques, but mostly cash. All was rec'd in an envelope with a card.

    But if you want to get more creative with it - put it inside something more "gifty" like high threadcount sheets, big fluffy towels or high end cookware.

    However, if they asked for cash - comply & just give cash.
  10. My husband and I always do this for friends. We buy a picture frame and print out a sign that says in case of emergency break glass. We fan the money out over the sign and put it in the fame and then wrap it up, You should tell them to definately take the frame out of the box so they see your real gift.
  11. ^haha that's a cute idea.

  12. ^OMG! thats so freakin CUTE!LOVE IT!:roflmfao: :smile:
  13. ^ can i follow?
  14. Thanks for your input guys!

    I really like that emergency case idea. So cute. :yes:

    The money trees are pretty common here in Europe as well and I'm not sure whether I want to be one of 10 people showing up with a money tree *g* :shrugs:
  15. When my college roomie got married, we got 100 $1 bills and put them inside one of those salad spinners, which was then gift-wrapped in its box. We got a nice, perfunctory thank-you note a few weeks afterwards, but some months later she called me up shrieking with delight, since they had only then taken it out of its box. "I'm almost embarassed to say it," she told me after she'd calmed down, "but I almost gifted it away to another couple that just got married." :lol: