need hug me help!!! :)

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  1. I am so in luuuv with my Hug Me's...its like BE read my mind cause these arm carry styles are my favorite! So now I'm drooling over the black crash one on the sale...But I also love my pewter bag and am drooling over pewter too. And plum crash and dark grey glossy. Help! What do you guys think? Which one would you choose?!
  2. As it is a Hug Me, I might go for whatever is the softest most draping leather.

    Do you already have some of these leathers in other bags?
  3. they all sound wonderful. Is there a particular leather or color you need to add to your collection?? I just got the pewter hug me and am so psyched!
  4. I kinda like it stiffer. Weird I know, but I totally like the shape of this bag. :love: I have it in choco crash in the small and its perfect so maybe another crash? Have the large in pebbled glossy and like the smoosh on the big size but less smoosh on the small...Love the pewter on my WTM but is it really slouchy on the small Hug Me? Maybe I should diversify? :shrugs:

    Have a bunch of the other BE leathers...been buying this brand for a couple of years now. Have everything in the HM color but chocolate matte and dark grey glossy. What's the dark grey glossy like irl?
  5. My Pewter Hug Me doesn't seem that smooshy. I haven't used it too many times so it may get more so but it certainly hasn't started out that way. It is soft but holds its shape quite well. My Plum Crash Hug Me is smooshier than the Pewter.
  6. I have it in the pewter and it has really held its shape nicely. Like you, I prefer the stiff, flat bottom look over the slouchy look, so I adore the pewter!
  7. I recommend Pewter, it is gorgeous in this style and mine hasn't smooshed out completely yet after quite a bit of use. Let us know what you choose!
  8. another vote for the pewter! It's just stunning!
  9. I think I would vote pewter or black crash in the hug me.
  10. how about the dk gray extra glossy!
    It'll be a bit stiffer and the color is really cool.

    The pewter is fabulous of course, too!
  11. black crash : )
  12. You really can't go wrong with any of the crash leathers, but since you love the pewter... pewter!

    I am finding it hard not to get every crash leather there is!
  13. Hee hee...from a totally selfish point of view....I think you should get plum crash, because it will be gorgeous for the summer and then when it gets done vacationing with can come live with me like all of your other bags eventually do!!!! :smile:

    Um...I would be OK with black crash also!!! "We" already have the WTM in pewter!!!


    Either that or....forget the sale and get the bag in a really fun bright color!!!!
  14. what crash are you missing? chocolate??