need honest opinions! BH or Neverfull MM


BH or Neverfull MM for school bag

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Neverfull MM

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  1. I need a bag that will fit my 12" Apple Powerbook for school. I tried the BH on in the LV store and loved:heart: it. But I also like how the Neverfull can be changed to look like 2 different bags. I haven't tried on the Neverfull MM, but want to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING this week on eluxury. Will the Neverfull MM fit my laptop? I have heard that the straps will hurt the shoulder cause they are thin.
    Suggestions are needed. Thanks. :yes:

  2. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull so my vote goes towards the BH.

    Since you will be carrying your laptop inside your bag, I definitely WOULDN'T get the Neverfull simply because of the thin handles, which would be a pain on your shoulders. :sweatdrop:

    Good luck with the decision! ;)
  3. BH for school bag...Neverfull, while cute, doesn't seem to be as sturdy as the BH...just my opinon...;) goodluck on your choice!
  4. I have a BH and I love it
  5. BH for sure, it holds my notebooks perfectly when I use it for a school bag.
  6. I voted for the BH!!!
  7. BH vote here.
  8. seems like the BH is more popular!
  9. I am too heading back to college this Fall and I was wondering on what bag to get for school as well.

    So far my choices have been narrowed down to the LVOE2 Tote MM, Neverfull MM and the BH.

    Looks like everyone recommends the BH for school.

    The dimensions of the Neverfull MM are .... 12.5" Length x 11.5" Height x 6.5" Width.

    The dimensions of the BH are .... 13.4" Length x 10" Height x 5.4" Width.

  10. Ditto on the handles comment!:p
  11. BH would be perfect. Don't like the neverfull.
  12. BH. The neverfull is kind of flimsy with small straps. The BH is not only the PERFECT size for your laptop, but has really comfy straps!
  13. BH, thicker straps.
  14. A lil biased on my end since I own and LOVE my BH. I use the BH as an everyday work bag, shopping bag, and for traveling.

    It fits a whole lot, the straps are sturdy and comfortable on the shoulders. HTH with your decision.
  15. i'm debating over the same thing. i tried both at the store, and i liked the look of the neverfull better. but agree with others that the BH seems to be a better made bag. i still haven't decided yet. i might avoid both of them altogether, becuase i need a work bag that will fit a laptop. but an LV may be too flashy for where I work. so, i might opt for something alittle more low key. good luck in your decision, i htink both bags are super.