Need honest opinions about my Speedy

  1. A few days ago I mentioned that I sprayed my Speedy 35 with Shining Monkey. The overall color of the tabs that attach the handles to the bag came out a bit darker, and I am not sure why. The tabs on the ends did as well. :huh: It's almost like the tabs have a cool undertone, and the handles have a warm undertone. I did the exact same thing to all the vachetta, in the same quantities.

    Please note, you can also see on these pics where I tried to describe the handle tabs and the darker areas on each side that did not lighten up.

    First opinion I need from the expert LV'ers is to tell me if this looks like how the natural progression of the LV patina goes, or if it changed the overall color to make it look fake. :amazed: Second opinion needed is whether or not the color difference between the handles and all the tabs look weird or if you think it looks fine.

    I really want honest opinions about the state of the bag...does it look OK or not. Please don't flame me for what I put on it. :cry:

    I am having a fit over here wondering what I should do. 1) Keep it and let the rest of the patina process take it's course or 2) Sell it at a loss and get a brand new one.

    The last picture was taken with a flash, so it looks darker than it really is IRL. I included it because it emphasizes the two color variations.

    Thank you. :shame:
    P62707542.JPG P6270749.JPG P62707471.JPG
  2. Suck it up.
    It'll even out soon, I promise! :yes:
  3. looks fine, use the bag and enjoy it!
  4. Looks fine to me too. I say let it be.
  5. What I would do to try to even out the color would be to saddlesoap the entire bag (not the canvas). That always seems to help remove spots and gives it an overall nice honey color. (it does slightly darken the bag but not terribly) Eventually it will all even out anyway. But if you cant live with the uneveness of the color, I'd go saddlesoap route. You can get saddlesoap in any shoe department or even drug stores.

    PS, it doesnt look too bad to me either! You could let it patina naturally and Im sure it will blend.
  6. I can't really even see a looks fine to me. Enjoy your bag!
  7. aw just let it be. it looks gorgeous from here. hope you feel better and everything works out (patinas out) ok!!
  8. Pics of the tabs. I'll take one more of the whole bag, so you can see the overall look.

    Be back in a sec.
    P62707568.JPG P62707579.JPG P627075999.JPG
  9. Just wait for the bag to patina a little more and it'll look totally natural.
  10. Looks totally fine with me
  11. I think it looks great. Is shining monkey just a cleaner or is it a rain protector as well? I have yet to put anything on any my bags and would like to learn as much as I can.
  12. Looks fine to me!!
  13. I did do that last night, these pics were taken today. :shame: Someone in another thread has recommended it, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it to try and even out where the SM pooled on the tabs.

    I went over it with a soft t-shirt, and it did make it look much nicer. It didn't darken it any more than it already was, just made it feel smoother. You know how the vachetta is sort of porous right when you get it? Well, the saddle soap made it less so.

    Thank you for your help.

  14. I "know" that in my head...I am just obsessing over it. In my mind, I feel like I ruined the bag. Then I think, if I had a brand new one, would I be comfortable with that? I would probably be a nervous wreck over the untreated vachetta so I would want to spray them again, but very lightly. I am the epitome of obsessive/compulsive. :shame: :wacko:
  15. I think it looks fine. A while back, when I got my BH, I used the Shining Monkey on it and then the hoopla over the Shining Monkey started and I've been paranoid ever since. I don't know if I'll use it on any future bags.