Need honest opinion on fur Mama bag

  1. Ladies--

    I am a sucker for the Mama bag. I just recently bought a tan sequin one on eBay, but I am eyeing this one too. Do you think it is too much? Not price but aesthetic wise. I like anything different and that stands out. I just don't know if the fur is a little much, but it's authentic and from very reputable sellers on eBay. They were nice enough to show the serial number inside the bag and give an amazing detailed description too. I love brutal honesty. I just need a few more opinions so that I can make a final decision whether to buy. Please let me know and thanks in advance. Do a little, Yeah:tup: or Nay:tdown:. Thanks.
  2. I'm really sorry but I do not like it one bit. But if you like it, you should get it. I am just not a fan of this style.
  3. It's not my favorite- and I'm a fur lover, so it has nothing to do with my thoughts on fur in general. The (chinchilla?) is just too thick for hardware and trim.
  4. I like it. It's unique and I love unique bags ( meaning not many people will have the same bag).
  5. I love anything fur and Fendi!!
  6. Fur is always a tuffy! Do you have clothing that will go with it? and how politically correct is it to wear in your area? I don't see a lot of it where I live because of the PC issue, so I will wear it sparingly, as a fringe on a coat or bag. But in say, Vail, or large East Coast cities, etc. it is quite popular...:smile:

    It is a pretty MAMA bag, but I'd like to see it IRL. I think the fur is Squirrel Fur....
  7. Baglady--

    The whole PC thing is what I am kind of worried about. I live in Oklahoma where many people are very conservative and not open-minded. With that being said, I am the opposite and love anything different and unique. I think honestly it would be fine but I may get a few stares not knowing if it is in judgement or envy of such a wonderful bag. As for wardrobe I have several pieces of would be able to use it for, but out of all my Fendi bags this definitely would get the least wear. Thanks for your opinion and everybody elses. I am still debating but I will keep you guys posted. Thanks.
  8. Okay ladies, I decided against the fur Mama bag because I found another bag I like better that just listed today. Thanks for all your advice. :smile:
  9. I don't like it. :push:
  10. thats a lotta fur! i personally think its a bit too much.. but thats maybe cuz im not a fur fan though i love mamma bags!
  11. I'm sorry, but I would have to give it a :tdown:. I like fur, but that's too much fur for one bag.

    So, I think you made a good decision in not getting it! :tup:
  12. I thought I would say No, don't like but could see it on someone very stylish with the right outfit, etc. I can see auction ended with no buyers