Need honest opinion! (Chanel vs LV)

  1. I am looking to purchase a small black bag (for weddings, evenings out, etc.) I am between the Satin Mini Boulogne (Let Trade has one for sale) and a small Chanel. The LV is satin and $100 less than the Chanel, but the Chanel is leather. Which way would you go go and why? Here is a pic of the LV bag:
  2. I'd go with Chanel.
  3. I would also go with Chanel, it's such a classic
  4. I will go with Chanel...
  5. Do you have a picture of the Chanel? I would probably say Chanel as well.
  6. I love the chanel but am afraid that the gold hardware would look to "bling" on me (not used to wearing bags like this; the bags I own are more understated). Does that makes sense or am I being silly?
  7. Just pm'd you!
  8. Chanel :smile:
  9. Chanel:yes:
  10. i like the lv too though becasue i can't see which chanel u mean :P
  11. i also vote for chanel. :smile:
  12. Chanel.
  13. I am a Chanel fan so I guess my vote goes there, but the satin on the LV looks nice too. Not too blingy!
  14. I still think the Chanel!!
  15. chanel