Need Hermes experts to give advice on Lindy 30 and Toolbox 20

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  1. Dear TPF Hermes Experts,
    I was on the hunt for a Lindy (either 26 or 30) for a few months but no luck from my local boutique. Then I ended up buying a Bolide 31 in Etoupe (something I didn't expect I would like at first) and then saw a black canvas/ black leather HerBag Zip and decided to get it too to use for travel.
    Lindy, however, still on my mind. Then I saw a picture of Toolbox 20 in purple Color and I like the shape and color as well as rich look of swift leather. I am going to Europe in July and hoping to be able to find a Lindy 30 or Toolbox 20. My Budget allows me to get only one bag Which one do you think I should get? Many thanks for your opinions and advice.
  2. I dont own a toolbox but love love love my lindy 30!!!! Its the easiest bag to grab and go! Fits a shoulder, hand held option. Get the lindy!!
  3. Hi, I have a Lindy 30 and a Toolbox 20. I use my Lindy a lot more than my Toolbox. I find the Lindy more spacious and much easier to get things in/out of the bag. For the Toolbox, you have to unlock the bag each time you need to access the bag and you can't leave it unlock because then everything will fall out. As for my Lindy, I leave the zippers open and just lock the bag by using the turnlock. That way I can access the bag from the side. I'm 5'4, I find the toolbox 20 looks a bit small on me, Lindy 30 is just right, recently I tried on a Lindy 26 at my home boutique, it's very cute. Maybe when you are in Europe, you can try on the sizes first before deciding which to purchase. :smile::smile:
  4. Vote for Lindy!! So chic & practical.
    I own a lindy 30 swift, i am planning to get 26 down the track.
  5. Get the lindy
  6. Lindy gets my vote!
  7. I tried on both and ended up with the toolbox. I love the flexibility of the toolbox - it can be worn multiple ways - locked, flaps in, flaps out etc. Also love the roominess and the ability to hand carry and shoulder carry. I actually wear it more with the flaps out and unclasped (folded in). I like the lindy as well but I find it awkward to hand carry.

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  8. Beautiful color!!
  9. I love toolbox❤️❤️❤️
  10. I can't compare since I don't own a lindy but have a 20 toolbox. The TB is roomy and very easy to get into as compared to the Kelly (all trussed up, of course).

    A friend had one (had). The moment I saw it, I thought what a bulky bag. Years later I tried one at the boutique. No matter how much I read about people loving it, I couldn't andl can't get dismiss the bulk factor.

    That is one prurdy TB; electric blue, yes?
  11. I have both lindy 30 and toolbox 20. I love toolbox much more. In size 20 it's super cute. I love how retro it looks. I vote for TB

  12. Thank you!!! Yes it's a Bleu Electrique toolbox - my all time favorite H color (along with Rouge H and raisin in box calf and anemone).

  13. Thank you so much for the advice and Wow! your toolbox is gorgeous and what a stunning Color!!
  14. Thank you all for the advices! I have only seen the TB from the pictures but haven't taken a closer look or tried it at store yet, I will go down to the boutique over the weekend to take a look!
    Again, thank you so much!!
  15. With a little luck they will have a lindy and a TB to try. There is nothing like being able to try it on and see what works an/or what doesn't.