Need Hermes Boxes!!!

  1. Hi All,

    I'm desperately in need of some hermes boxes as i have no real way of storing my bags and have been keeping them stuffed in dustbags until now. I would really like to get some boxes...

    For Hermes I need,

    Birkin (40cm ) : 4 - 6
    Wallet = 3
    and about three bracelet boxes and two scarf boxes

    For Balenciaga i need :

    City = 5
    Part - Time = 3
    Courier = 1
    First = 3
    Weekender = 2
    Envelope Clutch = 3-6 (planning on buying a few!!)

    i also have the same problem with fendi (2) , miu miu (4) chloe (1 large) marc jacobs (1) prada fairy (1)

    if anyone knows where i can get some boxes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out i'm desperate
  2. What happened to all your Orange Boxes?
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    Why would you need 4-6 40cm Birkin boxes? Do you have 4 bags or 6 bags?

    TBH I doubt anyone would part with their own boxes and H won't dish them out

    As MrsS stated, what happened to your boxes?

    As for the other brands I don't believe they even come in boxes and as the Prada fairy bag is so new I'm sure you would have got a box with the bag had a box been available
  4. Did you throw them away......... or did you get your bags when you were travelling and didn't have space for them?

    ............ When I had my baby I bought the Hermes baby blanket and towels and clothes and I got a belt for me, I was in London and I had to throw all the boxes because I had no space.... This was 5 years ago !!!!!!!! I will never throw a box again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i threw my wallet ones away as i was travelling all over europe and they took up too much space, as for the bracelets and scarfs, i have picked them up here and there and they either didn't come with boxes or the boxes where torn,
    as for the birkins, i am about to inherit them from my grandmother and she just simply didn't keep them which is a bummer but i would like more than anything for them to be stored in their proper boxes.

    the other various bags i have bought of eBay and they just didn't come with them which also annoys me because as i said, i would liek them stored in their proper packaging
  6. Why not buy some clear boxes from a storage store?

  7. because i want the orange ones :shame:
  8. Have you tried eBay?
  9. yes i can only find scarf ones and i particuarly need ones for my bags, the accessorie ones would just be a bonus, i want to keep the bags protected while looking hermes pretty!

    they are an incredible thing to inherit and they deserve to be treated properly i think
  10. You could post it on the "want it now" section of eBay... otherwise, I don't think anyone would be willing to part with theirs. They pop up occasionally on ebay, so I'm sure you'd be able to add one here and there until you eventually have what you need.
  11. I need an extra bracelet box and no one gives out extra H boxes...I've tried already.

    But getting boxes in 40 cm's that will be very difficult.
    I agree post on the marketplace and hopefully someone will grant you a wish.
  12. The container store has some really well made boxes. I purchased a few in orange to store my vintage bags. I don't know all the sizes they offer and they do not ship overseas, but if you know someone in the States, they could buy for you and then ship them. They are in many store locations in the states, and they have an online store. Hope this gives you an option.
  13. Maybe take the bags into your nearest H, and send them to the spa.
    I guess if they are from your Grandmother and they havent been stored in their boxes, they could possible do with a little refreshment.
    I have heard some people say , theirs came back in a new box, or maybe you could just ask them outright when you drop them off.
    How old are the bags??
    Wow!! Lucky you!!
  14. ^^my 35 birkin recently returned from the spa in a thin (think dry cleaner) plastic bag, stuffed with tissue.
  15. Wah, really? I just dropped off one and thought they would give me a box... Do you think I can ask for a dust bag? I think I misplaced it when I was travelling... :crybaby: