need heritage stripe totes pics/ which to buy

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  1. i want the small heritage stripe tote


    or the small satchel

    now i have a friend who has the satchel so i know that it is fairly small on the inside but i think it might do.

    but i wondered if anyone knew more about the small tote. posted pictures of the bottom and the inside would be really helpful.

    I work in a wine store, i needed a bag that was small enough and light enough to carry home (new jersey) to work (NYC) everyday and not hurt my back. but that also had enough room for a bottle of wine or two. I work in a wine store and often get a bottle or two of wine to take home to errr... "sample". :smile::graucho:

    Sadly my budget limits me to a bag $300 or less. but those two bags are my top picks. I dont like sig regular fabric (needs too much cleaning + me lazy) but the coated fabric and leather are REALLY cool. so feel free to recommend other options.

  2. well since you live in nj you can go to the outlet and get the medium size tote for under $200 if you wanna make the trip. i think the medium size may be better b/c it can definatly fit a bottle of wine comfortably and is still small enough and light as a feather. i am going to try and get my sister the small one from ac this week so if i can get it ill post a pic of comparisons if its not too late.
  3. where would i find out where the outlets are i looked all over the website and could not find it.
  4. well what part of nj do you live in. there is one in atlantic city, woodbury, ny and i think i remember someone on here saying there is one in new hope, pa. if you google coach outlet youll find a list
  5. i just looked its in pottstown, pa not new hope
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    Hope these help. I have the small tote. I have enough room for the zip around wallet, the cosmetic case and 1 bottle.
    Note: The photo with the single bottle is a Riesling, so its a very tall bottle.



  7. i just found the list here in purse blog and it looks like none are all that close. I dont know how to drive so i would have someone drive me.

    looks like the nearest one is atlantic city. i am in north jersey 30 minutes from NYC center.
  8. WOW!!!! awesome!!!! thank you so much!!!

    I LOVE the pockets on the inside!!!

    that is the PERFECT size!!! looky it has room for THREE wine bottle "samples" :tup:

    does the bottom have studs? or just plain
  9. I have the berry one posted above... I LOVE it!! It can hold everything and it's the perfect size that your arm fits over it comfortably.

    If you want more pics let me know.

    There's no studs on the bottom.
  10. I loooooove the inside pockets. One holds my blackberry and the other my powder compact. And the coated canvas holds its shape very well, no slouching and your stuff never falls out of your pockets. Also a big plus is on BOTH the front and the back there is an absolutely huge pocket. It's fantastically roomy.
  11. Here are pics of the pockets


  12. WOW. that is really impressively roomy!!! it makes me wonder why they dont show more inside pictures on the official site.

    !!! i love the outside pockets too!!

    this bag doesnt have an pen pockets does it?

    i have the swingpack in the same style and thought i would have to carry both but from the looks if that is not true at all.

    i see my waterbottle, a wine bottle, my makeup purse, old fashioned key wallet, sudoku book, 2 fountain pens, 1 pencil, ipod, lunch and vitamin case all fitting with NO problem.
  13. All of that would fit no problem!

    I take mine to work and usually have my wallet, wristlet, blackberry, three lip glosses, lip balm, pill pack (includes band aids, etc.), pen, iPod, lotion (full bottle from B&BW), hand cream (small Cake bottle), snacks (granola bars, etc.), water bottle. It's a really roomy bag! I usually have my mail in the front pocket.

    There's no pen pockets though.
  14. so i dont know where in north jersey you live but 30 mins from city center sounds to me around bloomfield nutley area. its less than an hour drive from grandparents housr in bloomfield so it might be closer than AC. ill take pics of my medium and post them
  15. I didn't take pics but I tested my medium sig heritage tote and it way fits a bottle or two of wine very comfortably...even with a wallet, make up bag, cell, small lotion, PDA, definitely a tote over the satchel. You can also check your nearest Macy's or Dillard's if you are not close to an outlet. I got mine at Macy's last month for a little under $200 during their 40% off sale and I LOVE it! Happy Coach shopping and keep us posted :smile:.