Need helps ~~~

  1. I'm a newbie to this forum, so hi to everyone :smile:

    Actually I'm planning to get my first H bag, have been looking for a long time which one to get.... interested in the Evelyne collection

    Does anyone have the full size collection for th Evelyne series?

    BTW, any suggestion that's for a guy?:jammin:

    Also plz excuse me for asking a stupid question.... I saw a bag that looks similar to the Evelyne, same "H" logo on the front, cross shoulder bag..... but the one that I saw is alot wider (like a half circle shape), do any of you know what's the name of that bag? or it is from the Evelyne collection?

    Thanks ^_^
  2. Sorry - don't know the answer to your questions, but WELCOME!
  3. Evelyne GM on a guy. Looks less like a purse, and more like a messenger bag. Trust me on this. My SA, a male, wants an Evelyne, and he modeled the GM just to shut me up about whether or not it was too big. And he did, in fact, shut me up, no mean feat.
  4. HG is right, go for the gm or tgm. I tried one on a couple of weeks ago, but the strap is too short to wear across my body. If it fits you, its a great look. I'm still waiting to hear about a special order strap. :crybaby:
  5. Welcome!!! :yahoo: I think the Evelyne would be great for you. I love it for a guy in black or graphite.
  6. Go for the Evelyne GM!
  7. I agree. :yes: :yes: GM or TGM!!
  8. :p Thx for all the replies~~~~
    but does anyone have a pic of the TGM or GM size?
    never seem one before..... :sad:
    ppl usually have TPM.... :heart:

    btw.... how long does it take to order a 40cm togo birkin now w/ PH? price range:confused1:
  9. :pthanks ... btw... can a 40 Birkin carry on the shoulder? or only HAC can do so? :drool:
  10. a 40 cm Birkin is going to weigh a TON!
  11. So there's no way to carry a 40 Birkin on the shoulder?
    Sad~~~~:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: