Need helps!!Color transfer

  1. Hi what actually happened? is your belt black? where is the colortransfer?
  2. My belt is dark brown on one side, orange on the other.The dark brown side is fine, but the orange side has some obvious black lines, looks like my jean had rubbed the color on the belt
  3. Definitely take it to Hermes, as soon as possible. At very least they can give you some options. If you take it somewhere else or try it yourself, sometime Hermes won't work on it. (I attempted to get a spot out of my toile Picotin, I thought it just did nothing but Claude at H in NY said that I actually made the stain permanent...).

    Go - Go Now!!! The more recent the mark, the easier they will be able to get it out. Hopefully it's just some type of "rubbing" that can be taken care of quickly and easily...

  4. Keep us posted!
  5. Take it back.
    The same happened to a member here and it was exchanged immediately.
  6. I agree, can you go back at the store ? They will help you out.
  7. Don't take this as gospel but when I got indigo on the gold side of my belt, my store said that it was not going to come out (at least not from the stitches). That being said, take it to the store and have them advise you on what to do.
  8. I don't think my H belt can be exchanged at all consider it had been added two more holes on the belt. I will make the trip to my local Hermes hopefully on this Thursday and see what they can help. Thank you guys for giving me advises, Love ya':smile:
  9. maybe they will find a way to get it off.... let us know?