Need helping deciding on an exchange

  1. I am thinking about exchanging my mono speedy 25 for a 30 since I have a 25 in the damier already. But, I only hold my koala wallet, checkbook, tokidoki angioletto as my makeup case, sunglasses, and a mono pouchette would be an addition if I got a 30. Do you think that is not enough for the 30?

    I may put cardboard on the bottom or a purseket inside but my main concern is that the speedy 30 will sag or look empty with the items I usually have.

    Thanks for your inputs
  2. It just depends on what size you like better. It's perfectly ok to have 2 bags in the same size, if you really like it.
    I have the Damier 30 and only carry a few things..PTI wallet, small makeup bag, cell, Cerises round key/coin case, Damier 4 key holder, compact and a small hairbrush. But for me, while I don't carry all that much stuff, my items are kind of large, especially my wallet.
    Anyway, like I said, it just comes down to which size you'd like better.
  3. I think if you have a cardboard at the bottom AND a purseket it pretty much solves the sagging problem. I don't have a purseket, only a base at the bottom (something like a cardboard too) and my speedy 30 doesn't sag at all even when my bag is kinda empty... In fact, I don't carry a cosmetics pouch with me most of the time, only my wallet, keys, lip gloss, eyelash curler hairbrush, mobile phone, blotter sheets... Hmm, pretty much that's all, if I remember correctly... :P
  4. ^^Oh wow you don't carry much at all. And it still looks good huh with a cardboard at the bottom? Very interesting...
  5. If you dont fill a 25 there is not reason to get a 30 just because you have the 25 in the Damier. There are many people here that like the 25 because its the perfect size and have it in many bags, damier,epi and mono
    I would stick with what suits you best.
  6. While at coach a few weeks ago i grabbed one of their mini books and its PERFECT inside the speedy 25 :smile: it helps the sag. I traded my cardboard for it and like it much better.
    One thing to leep in mind when doing the cardboard is making it a tad smaller so that your bag isnt too structured. or of course use the purseket. I found the purseket was too much for my speedy 25. I dont have many small items so it just seemed to be too much. I ;ove in my speedy 30 though.

    I find the purseket is perfect if you have a lot of small items,or use smaller wallets. I tend to keep mine(small items) in a makeup bag and its much easier to sweitch bags :smile:
  7. Personally, I don't mind having two Speedy 25's, because I prefer the look of the 25 over the 30. And like you, I carry the perfect amount for the 25. I would keep the 25 :flowers:
  8. i think you'd do better with the Speedy 25. everything that you said you carry will fit into the 25, especially if you use a Purseket too. and even if you don't use a Purseket, you'll still be able to fit it in.

    before i got my Purseket, i could fit my makeup, PTI-sized Prada wallet, pencil case, medium agenda, and sometimes a Wapity into my Speedy 25
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions so far. I have to think about it some more and see what I want. I will let you guys know for sure but if anyone else has more input I'd love to know what you have to say:yes:
  10. here's a little extra help :flowers::

    the pictures show what i carry in my Damier Speedy 25. you can see how i arrange everything inside along with the Medium Purseket.

    the pictures show a view from the top, and a view taken from each side of the bag. i'm sorry if it's difficult to see; it's hard to take a picture of the inside without pulling the bag apart :mad:. and then you can see everything that i put in the bag: medium agenda, pencil case, wallet and iPod in the bag; powder, facial blotters, lip gloss, eyeliner, cell phone and keys in the Purseket. i know the pictures are awful; it's horrible taking pictures at night:hysteric:

    i hope they help. i carry my entire life with me, so if you carry any less then you should be fine with the 25.
    damier speedy 25 001.jpg damier speedy 25 002.jpg damier speedy 25 003.jpg damier speedy 25 006.jpg damier speedy 25 007.jpg
  11. 25 can fit sooo much things, i can't believe how much it can holds until i had one.
  12. [​IMG] Wow you really have that speedy stuff:smile:
  13. you'd be surprised; i can actually fit more in if i really wanted to :lol:. it's only this full when i go to school, hence the iPod, agenda and pencil case :yes:
  14. Wow :smile:
  15. Yeah I have the Cerises one and it fits a TON.
    I wanted the Damier 25 but my mom convinced me to get the 30 because I think she wants to use it lol.