Need help......

  1. I kinda like these sunglasses. But I am not sure. I don't know if they would be too big. If anyone owns these can you let me know what you think of them? Also what is the warranty for sunglasses? I am pretty rough with mine and I don't know if I would be wasting money. And one last question. If I order them and don't like them, can they be returned to an outlet?? I am looking at the burgandy in particular.:shrugs:Thanks bunches! product_no=7840&category_id=116
  2. I tried on the Suzies ages ago when they first came out, and almost bought them for myself. They're actually a great size. Big, but not too big. They're perfect, for me anyway.

    As for returning them, if you can't make it into a Coach boutique then you should have no problem returning them at an Outlet. Just make sure you have your receipt. :smile: Without it, you'll only get whatever the current price is on them, at the time of the return.