need help

  1. Since this was going to be my first bbag, I ordered from BalNy. I was getting a city. I asked for an 07 city I received in the mail an 06 city and returned it again stating that I wanted an 07 city. I received the supposedly 07 city but the id tag inside still has a W (that means its an f/w 06) right? but the authencity card says 2007 1.....

    did they just send me the same bag and put in a different authencity card?

    I called and asked them about it and they say that the letters inside do not mean anything(they are only used in france) and they do not authenciate bags...

    Please advise what to do....very stressed out......:hysteric:
  2. aaw girl, i'm so sorry to hear this... btw, what colour do u get? is it a specific colour from 06 or regular color like black and white?
  3. regular do you think i should do??? should I just return it and get something else?
  4. aaw.. it's harder to know if it's black, but i think the silver plate speaks it all for the season and year...

    but, do u like the leather on the black city? if u're not satisfied, maybe u can exhange it with other colours?
  5. shopaholic when did this happen?
  6. just recently, a couple weeks ago.
  7. hmmm... i think the spring 07s have a "V" tag... if getting a 07 bag is important to you, ask them to confirm that it has a "V" tag before they send another replacment out, or if they don't have any new blacks, get store credit and wait for their new shipment to come in. i personally wouldn't care about the season as long as the leather is good, but you should get a bag that makes you 100% happy... good luck!!
  8. yikes, i'm sorry this happened to you shop a holic sounds like the SA who chose the bags doesn't know what they're doing...the "W" on the silver tag definitely means f/w '06...i'm not sure what the new letter is for s/s '07, but maybe one of the other gals can help (?) :shrugs:...the f/w '06 bags were a bit thicker & less distressed than the s/s '06...but i was able to find a thick s/s '06, which i sold to allyboobop, so there's always exceptions to the rule ;)...if you like the city you've got, i wouldn't worry about exchanging it for another, especially since the nyc store only allows 2 exchanges per lifetime :heart:
  9. but is it ok that the authencity card states 2007 but the bag is really an 2006?
  10. i think this will be difficult if u want to sell it again someday on eBay?
    people will asked about this...
  11. yep, that's true, it could be a problem if you ever wanna sell :sad:...if you still love the bag, maybe just ask them if they can send you the right tag...i'd also e-mail them photos of the '07 paper tag & the '06 silver tag so they can see for themselves what went of luck sweetie!!! :tender:
  12. but the thing is that they are saying that the letters on the tag do not mean anything, so i dont think that they will do anything about it....what can I say to them that will help my case?
  13. ask to speak to the superior :p

    i've also had a case where i asked to a SA for a certain kind of leather, and she said to me that throughout the years, bal leathers are the same... WTF???
    i just left the store with a "face" :roflmfao:
  14. i'd do what sea suggests & ask to talk to the manager, because the letters definitely do mean something & i can't understand why they'd say otherwise (?) :shrugs:
  15. Goodness gracious!

    The letters definitely mean a lot. If you want an 07 bag, you want a "V" tag, not "W". The letters identify the bag's season, not just in Paris, but here in NY and, in fact, all over the world. I'm sorry the SA didn't know this.

    But ultimately, it doesn't matter if the SA knows it or not. You're the one spending $1200+, and if you want a V bag, you should get a V bag, plain and simple.

    Call and speak to the manager. Say you've been trying to buy an 07 black city, and you would like a "V" letter designation on the metal tag and a documentation card that says 2007 1 (spring/summer). Say you understand if they're not in yet (this may be the problem), but that you are returning an 06 bag for the second time (with the switched documentation card) and will wait for an 07 with the proper credentials.

    Whew! Some of those SAs definitely need more training! But please hold out for what you truly want -- I'm sure it's just a question of getting the right SA to do this for you. You'll be so much happier in the end!