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  1. Okay so here is the story. About 9 months ago, I sold an authentic LV agenda on ebay. The buyer left positive feedback and everything was good. Well last month I sold a coach wallet, same buyer, they instantly left me negative feedback stating I sell fakes. Now she has been harassing me to refund her for the LV she bought in January. I told her to get it authenticated, and that I would even pay for her to do so, she kept being hostile and refused to do so. Well long story short, I told her do not email me again until you can tell me where you are getting it authenticated and to send me the photos as well. So today I go to get the mail, and I have a slip that says I have a package from this buyer. This is my question, what do I do? She can't do anything on ebay because her account was taken down and it has been so long, can she do anything on paypal? Should I accept the package, or refuse it so its sent back?
  2. Sorry but she probably doesn't think it's fake, she just seems to want her money back and is trying anything. 9 months is ridiculous.

    She has likely tried getting a refund from paypal/her cc and failed as it's been too long.
  3. It's obviously too long for the LV, but can she still open a dispute for the Coach Wallet? Because if she can and you refuse the package, this will show up for paypal/credit card company if she would open a dispute. Or if she goes the credit card chargeback, she may still be able to get refunded for the Coach Wallet and you could be out the Wallet and money. Usually refusing a package isn't the way to go since it could easily get lost in the mail and may not even get back to the buyer. I hope this all works out for you! I'm sure you don't have anything to worry about regarding the LV though since it's been way too long!
  4. So should I email her and ask what it is she sent back? I don't want to contact her until I have all my info together just in case.
  5. That would be the only way to find out, but she still may lie, since it's pretty obvious she's not honest. Unless you call your post office and ask for a description of the package that they have for you. (assuming on my part that the coach wallet is a smaller item than the LV)
  6. To be quite frank, not only is your buyer a psycho but she is also well outside the window of time allotted to file a Paypal claim. There is nothing she can do to you at this point and is honestly setting herself up to be out both the wallet and her money.

    If it were me, I would simply not pick up the package and let it be returned to sender.
  7. I honestly don't know what I would do...hopefully someone will have good advice for you. But I would be careful about a return to sender. I had someone do that to me once and it was lost in the mail. I order packages online like it's my job and have never (knock on wood) had anything lost but that one just be careful about a return to sender.
  8. If the OP received a slip for the package, then I'm assuming it means that she needed to sign for it. Therefore, wouldn't it be trackable the whole way back to the buyer as well? Or does it work like that....? :P
  9. What happens will depend on what she mailed back--the LV or the Coach. I would find out before accepting the package.

    If it was the LV, then she's a fool kuz she can't dispute a PP payment nor a cc charge from nine-10 months ago.

    If it's the Coach, she still has a problem because sellers are not required to issue refunds to buyers who send back items without having reached a return-refund agreement with the sellers or having received instructions from eBay/PP to ship the items. For eBay Buyer Protection, there must be a good faith dispute between buyer and seller, and by doing what she did she nulled that good faith.

    From eBay:

    If, however, a buyer returns an item without agreement from the seller through eBay's messages, we will not cover the buyer's case for the return and will not hold the seller accountable (even if the seller’s original eBay listing stated a return policy).

    This is assuming the buyer is in the U.S.
  10. Good point. It didn't even cross my mind that perhaps she had sent back the Coach - or heck, maybe both.

    OP, per what Karmen has quoted here, I think you are covered either way. If the above is true and she can't go after you for the Coach per eBay's policies, then you should be ok to pick up the package, should you so choose. I would just let it be returned to sender personally, but as Cosmo mentioned you could run into issues if you go that route. I think the main thing is that you should go with what your gut is telling you. What do you feel you should do?

    PS: your buyer is a loon toon.
  11. Okay awesome, thanks for all the advice ladies. I am going to go to the post office tomorrow and see if they will let me look at the package. If its the agenda I think I will just leave it there and they can send it back to her. I didn't think she had a case at all, thank you for confirming! You guys are the best!
  12. Lol!!! OP, I'm not sure that the post office will let you come "look" at the package and decide whether you want to claim it. And besides - how could you tell what's inside the package jugs by looking at it?
  13. The size of the package should tell what it is, it was a very large LV agenda and a small coach wallet. The slip says its in an envelope as well so who really know what it is.
  14. If I were you, I would contact the buyer BEFORE picking up that package to tell her you got a noticed that she sent you a package and ask her--as calmly and briefly as possibly--what she sent you. Don't mention the LV or Coach. Let her tell you what she did.

    ETA: Just read your last post. If you would be able to tell what it is based on the size of the box/envelope, then there's no need to ask the buyer.

    If it's the Coach wallet, call eBay and confirm that clause (above) in eBay's Buyer Protection regarding unauthorized returns. They should tell you that you don't have to issue a refund, but ask them what happens if she opens a dispute now, after she sent it back, through eBay or PP. She shouldn't be able to kuz (a) she broke the rules and (b) she can't prove an INR, as you have delivery confirmation (right?), nor can she prove a fake kuz she no longer has the item. Ask them if you should accept delivery of her package or leave it there to be sent back to her.
  15. Okay, thank you for your advice. I think I will email her now and simply ask her what she sent. I will call ebay tomorrow to ask them as well. Can she still file an ebay claim if her account is Not A Registered User?