need help...~!

  1. helloooooo everyone.. :smile:

    please help this newbie in gettin her first chanel.
    was thinking to get the classic flap for my first purchase. *coz i've read many threads that u coulnd't go wrong with the classis flap ^^

    the only thing is .. am still confuse in deciding the colour n material!! =.=
    i'd like to have the beige lambskin one with silver hardware
    but on the other hand, the black caviar w/ silver hardware looks tempting as well..

    I've tried on the beige one, n i really luuuuurve it.. looks so chic and elegant, but yeah, gotta remember tha it's easy to scratch..

    Yesterday, my friend got the black caviar on. It looks more durable than the lambskin one and makes it even more tempting for me...


    oh please help me guyssss....
    thanks in advance :P
  2. I would go with the Caviar because it is more durable. It is definitely a classic and you can wear it with anything. I would prefer the black first and then get the beige later on.

    They're both great bags.

    Good luck!
  3. I would choose caviar as its easier to look after. As much as I love my lambskin I still have to be really careful everytime I use my bag. Good luck!
  4. Caviar is best for an everyday type bag.
  5. yes get caviar -- this way you won't get a mini heart attack every time someone brushes against your bag or something.
    I was silly enough to bring my grey reissue to a Halloween party where people were getting drunk left and right. Someone spilled some of their drink on my dear bag, and I was devastated!
    thankfully, I was able to remove the stain with the leather cleaner from Coach. Wheeeew!
  6. I agree w/ everyone. Go for a caviar!
  7. get the black caviar !!!
  8. yeaps chiaoapple, i think i'll get many mini heart attacks if i drop by to the parties.
    *remembering the one that I'd like to get in lambskin is the beige one. hehe
    Nice to hear that ur 'baby' is okay.. if i were u, i'll freak out :")

    Yeah so far, i've got lots of vote for caviar~ but some of my friends were suggesting for the gold and other were suggesting for silver..?

    made me even more confused. ahahaha
    does this happened to everyone for the first purchase?? :P
  9. Go for the caviar!
  10. i'd go with the caviar.
    personally, i love the black with the silver h/w, but it depends on your preferences- for example, do you wear more gold or silver jewelry?
    i always have platinum studs on so silver h/w usually works best for me.
  11. Try both the caviar and the lambskin on if you can. I did not like the feel of the caviar but having said that it would be more practical.
  12. *jennifer*, am a bit moody with the jewelry.. most of my jewelry is more to crystal with silver hardware . . .

    Anyway, thank you so much guys for the vote :smile: :smile: :smile:
    I've decided to go for caviar for my purchase..
    And I've checked the availability, they don't have it in sydney chanel nor in melb .____."
    Well, It's been a week since I've put my name on list.
    Can't wait to hear any news from them.
    fingers cross'd *grins*
  13. I vote for black caviar.
  14. Go for caviar for your first bag.