need help!!!

hi all,
so, i sometimes have a difficult time making up my mind....i bought the new madison carryall in the acorn spectator when i really loved the green...the thing is that i am hard on my bags and don't want to feel as if i have to baby a bag and i'm not sure if the light color of the green spectator is going to stain or need to be treated delicately...what are your thoughts? did anyone else buy this bag and feel concerned about this? ARRGGHH...i want the bag i love and don't want to settle but i also don't want to ruin it!!! HELPPP!!!
Aug 24, 2009
I don't have the bag, but I was fortunate enough to spy on at the FP store...

With light leather you're also going to run a risk. But I can tell you, I have owned white leather bags for years and they are still mint. I'm not the easiest on my bags, but I've gotten better with time...but the one bag I'm think of in particular I've owned for over 4 years and it's fine, really.

I think that as long as your invest in some Apple...and you're conscious of what you're doing--like not rubbing it against black rubber, for instance, you will probably be fine.


May 14, 2008
The land of Mary
I don't have the Madison Carryall, but I do have the Madison Shoulder bag in a similar color combo (green & Parchment) and I originally had the same concerns as you but loved the bag and colors enough to move past that. I'm so glad I did too! I just put apple conditioner on her and have worn it over and over with no problems. I try not to carry the bag on the long strap if I'm wearing dark denim to avoid color transfer, but other than that I don't do anything different for that bag than I do for any of my others. IMO you need to get the bag that you really want, otherwise you'll regret it later on.


Aug 12, 2009
I don't have the Carry all but I bought a Spectator Julianne in the Green/Parchment which I found at my outlet a few months back!!! I got a great deal on her. I was afraid of her getting dirty so I ended up returning her!!! I had heard from some else who had bought the Spectator Handbag in the Parchment/Green that she had yellow streaks on the bag. (Don't know if that is from the Hardware leaking on the bag or what) She ended up returning her bag as well!!!
Good Luck in your decison! the Carry all is very nice!!!

Lynne :biggrin:


Mar 16, 2008
I really like the spectator carryall in the green combo, but for the same reason I bought the acorn hippie.

I keep thinking about the carryall, I may have to do an exchange.


Sep 8, 2009
I think you should get the bag you want. So many times I've bought a bag as a substitute for the bag I really wanted. The problem is, I still want the original bag, usually end up getting it and then I have a bag I really didn't want. It's a vicious cycle. If this sounds like you, I suggest you get the bag you really wanted in the first place!