Need Help!

  1. Hi everyone!
    im new here but i really need some help...ok so i bought a papillion a few days ago n im not really satisfied with it :sad:...i found my stuff tends to slide around n ends up imbalancin the bag so it always looks im thinkin imma exchange it for something else...does anyone have a sonatine?? i thought that looked nice..but could u wear it on ur shoulder??? any suggestions on wat i should get in the 700 range??? anything will do...thanks!!!!
  2. A little higher than $700 (but not much) is a regular batignolles!!!
  3. That would be my response also, especially the Horizontal. I think it's just over $800 new.
  4. I believe the Sonatine is only a hand held.
  5. Or maybe a Pop Haut! That's also just over 800
  6. if you want a shoulder bag, how about a popincourt haut? it's around $800 if i'm not mistaken...
  7. the sonatine is really small. it's a somewhat flat, handheld bag and can't hold much. it's really cute though if you like small bags or need an evening bag.
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