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  1. I was shopping at Bloomie's - Stanford Mall the other day... and saw this small bag by Marc Jacobs. I couldn't afford it since I went a bit too crazy at Louis that day, but I wanted to research the bag to see what other colors they have. The one I saw was in gray. It's like a clutch-like bag... with a long chain strap. I'm on the Marc Jacobs site and none of the style look like the one I saw. The Single is the closest they got... but I know for sure it's not the single. I tried calling in, but they transferred me to 5 different people... then to a voicemail.

    So you ladies know any other small handbags by Marc Jacobs (not Marc) line that has a long chain for a strap??... and pictures would help tons!!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. thanks for your help, but it's neither. it's as small as a clutch, but with a strap. it reminds me of the eugenie but with a strap. i'm still trying to get a hold of someone in the handbag department there... but it keeps sending me voicemail.
  3. maybe a birdie or noel??
  4. thanks for your help!! i found out after searching google. it's called the mayfair shoulder bag!!
  5. wow, they still have the mayfair available?
  6. whoa. i was gonna say. that's from two years ago! it must be super marked down.