Need help!

  1. Ok so I will start off by saying I'm 5'1 and 112lbs. Well not more then 3 months ago I was 100lbs and quit healthy in my doctors oppinion. Most of my clothes are tight on now me and I barely wear certain things :sad:. I think I gained the weight because of stress...I eat when I'm stressed, but before I never gained weight. Now no matter how much food I eat I'm always hungry an hour later, I try not to eat, but I get so hungry I cannot stand it, and I know I will just keep getting bigger and bigger. Does anyone know why I don't stay full? Or at least how I can limit the cravings so that way I can get back to my preferred weight?

    I really need help, this is making me sooooo depressed:crybaby:
  2. At 5'1" and 112 lbs., you are not overweight. Your BMI is 21.2, which falls within the healthy weight range. At 5'1" and 100 lbs., your BMI was 18.9, which is on the verge of being underweight.

    So you gained a few pounds - so what? Your body was probably trying to tell you something. If you're constantly hungry, you might not be eating the right foods, and you might be eating too little. Foods that contain empty carbs and refined sugars don't keep you full for long periods of time, as opposed to whole, natural foods and foods with whole grains in them.

    I wouldn't focus on losing weight. Instead, I'd focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet with more than enough calories, and getting regular exercise :smile:
  3. Bebe, I totally sympathize. I was in a similar situation as you. I was small, exercised all the time (really!), ate low-fat, did all the right things, except for an occasional splurge. Suddenly weight just piled on. I was always hungry. Always! It made no sense. It was embarasssing to have to eat all the time. I was humiliated and ashamed of myself, my eating habits, my weight, everything. Doctors had no clue. They'd just say what everyone always right and exercise. Just what I was doing. I then thought I had an eating disorder. My therapist was unhelpful. She'd say things like "just don't eat", or "if you don't lose weight you will be unhappy with yourself", or "what do you mean you have to wake up at night and have a snack? You must have self-control."

    In addition to being hungry, I would have outbreaks of intense sweating, shaking, remain aware of my surroundings, but be incapable of participating in a conversation, panic, etc. On a hunch, a friend who witnessed these episodes over the years suggested I go to a nutritionist. I brought my latest blood work with me. She listened to me, took one look at my fasting blood sugar (which was in the danger zone) and suspected hypoglycemia. She gave me an eating plan that included fats, proteins, carbs, etc. to stabilize my blood sugar and reduce my hunger. I lost about two pounds a week for months until all the 40 + pounds came off. It's been a few years now and I am happily my old size and self again.

    Not a single doctor, nor weight-watchers, nor anything else helped me because I am severely hypoglycemic (the opposite of diabetes, sort of). I have no idea why the doctors never noticed this but I honestly don't think they give the condition the attention it deserves. My suggestion to you would be to see a nutrionist for an eating plan or an endocrinologist for testing.

    Best of luck! I know how frustrating and miserable this situation can be.

  4. Ya I eat really well to, And Cristina I am aware I am not overweight, but I am no longer fit, I have a tummy that now has a mini role, whereas before it was like a 6 pack... :sad:

    I try so hard not to think about food but it's all I think about. I have a really healthy diet too, so it all doesn't make sense to me. I don't think I'm hypoglycymic (sp?) but who knows...
  5. Another thing to think about is when you feel hungry, you may in fact be thirsty. Try drinking a big glass of water or a cup of tea when you feel hungry, and if you are still hungry after that (wait 10 minutes or so), then have a light snack.

    don't be too hard on yourself, either. that will just make you more stressed.
  6. You said before you had a 6-pack....what changed? Is it your diet and cravings? What about exercise/activity level?
  7. Another reason for weight gain is a change in your thyroid.

  8. My diet has imporved ten fold, but I eat more then usual. I go for walks a lot, but even before I never really exercised. I'm thinking of getting a membership to the gym though.
  9. Bebe, I don't know how old you are, but believe me, sometimes things just start changing! Maybe try crunches and light weights. There's a ton of great exercise tapes out there. Or maybe try yoga or Pilates! Sometimes our bods just need a little boost. :love:
  10. Bebe, I saw in your profile that you are 20. Believe it or not, you're going through a growth spurt! REALLY! It's not that well know, but when people get around age 20, they have one last growth spurt. That's one of the reasons that our wisdom teeth come in at that age. Because of the changes in your body, your metabolism will begin to change. I my case, I actually grew another inch! Yes, I was 20 years and grew another inch after being 5'3" since I was 10 years old!! I never knew why until just a few years ago.

    Don't rule out that there may be something metabolic going on such as was mentioned by the others, so a good thorough physical exam is in order for you. Make sure bloodwork is part of that.

    While you may not like it, your body may have hit a place where it's going to change and demand that you carry a bit more weight. That's very normal when you are leaving your teens and hitting adulthood. That doesn't mean you'll get fat, but you will have to monitor your weight and food intake more carefully.

    Finally, to keep your tummy grumbles at bay, drink lots of water. It will help you stay full feeling, flush impurities out of your body and keep you feeling energetic.

    Welcome to Adulthood!:yahoo:
  11. Thanks everyone. Prada Psycho your probably right. I feel healthy I just didn't understand how I could gain sooo much weight in a short period of time. Since I was like 15 my weight has been between 95-100lbs and never over, and only three months ago I finally started to gain weight. Nautrally I felt their was a problem, and I been freaking out ever since. I tried the drinking water when I'm hungry and it worked!
    I think I'm going to buy those Tae-Bo videos, because I used to do them and they worked like crazy.