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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at getting a bag for my girlfriend. Now, I know she loves the Mulberry Roxanne. This would make the decision easy. She’s dropped a hint about a lady who we saw with one so know she’d be happy with it. She doesn’t go over the £200 mark when shopping for bags so I’ve no idea if she would know what she could have if she had a bit more money. I guess she likes the Mulberry because it’s within her reach – her student loan would cover it!!

    So, I’d like to surprise her and not get what she might expect (not that she’d be expecting me to get her a bag). I’ve been thinking of getting the Dior Gaucho. If I was choosing I’d be getting the double in black (best to go with everything and it’s a timeless colour). I’m hesitating because I worry; firstly will this bag be too big? It looks quite large and I’m a bit worried it’ll be too big. My next question is, would a girl who finds the Roxanne attractive like the Gaucho? I’m thinking it borders on the Footballer’s Wife look.

    My other option is to go for the Emmy. It’s a Mulberry so I know I’m in the right department. My concern with this bag is the flap on top. It seems a really stupid design. How can you get in to this thing?!?!

    I’m sure you can understand why I want to get this right :yes:

    Thanks very much for any advice you can give me

  2. Well the Roxanne is kind of utiliatarian looking w/ the cargo pockets and thick leather. . . the Gaucho is opposite.
    BUT, I LOVE both!
    I'd personally surprise her w/ the one you know she's been coveting, I'd get her the Roxanne.
  3. Best to get her the one she has hinted at. I agree, the Gaucho ia a bit 'footballers wife/ essex girl.
  4. Thank you so much for the replies. At least I know I won't be getting it wrong if I go for the Roxanne - saves me a few pennies too :smile:
  5. exactly.. save urself a few pennies, and make ur friend extra happy.

    so we CAN eat our cake and have it too.. woot haha
  6. Definitely get her the Roxanne.
  7. I would def. go for the roxanne....if you wanted to do a surprise, what about something tucked inside the bag. From something predictable like a wallet or a cosmetic gift certificate to supper, show, etc
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