need help

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  1. does anyone have a phone number for contacting They are not replying to my emails concerning a return! Thanks to those of you warning they sell fakes! Wish I had seen this before I ordered!
  2. So sorry, hope Ellie Mae see this - sometimes see can do magic :thinking:

    ore Gro she knows a lot, too
  3. Do you have their physical address from the shipping papers/box?

    If so, google the address to see if another phone number is available.

    Try emailing them as a "new" customer (with a different email address of course), ask a simple question, just to see how long it takes for a response. Or have a friend email if you don't have a second email address.

    If you do have the address, please file charges against them!

    The attorney general's office in their state is a good start.

    Also, if you paid via credit card, file a claim immediately!!
  4. this forum is for questions only, I'll move this for you now. . . .