Need Help

  1. I am going out tonight and a have a lovely red dress.

    I do not know whether to wear a bra or not as teh dress is quite tight and a bit see through. I also do not want to pop out my dress either but will it look stupid if i wear a bra.

    Should i wear a bra and if so what colour
  2. A Pink lace would compliment that dress.
  3. if it's see thru, isn't that why you'd wear one? Or at least a tight slip. Just don't wear that see thru thong (from your other post)...not a good combo. lol.
  4. Good call.
  5. Can I have a link to that thread...I'm curious to see what that looks like.
  6. any more opinions of what i should wear, this is urgent
  7. Doesn't Victoria Secret carry those little stick on petal thingies that you put over your nipples/breasts? That would solve the problem.
  8. the date is tonight so i dont hav etime to get them, i think i will wear a bra, just a question of what colour
  9. do you have large or small breasts? this actually makes a difference.
  10. Pink...or white
  11. I am a 34 D
  12. so you could pull it off with or without a bra.. just depends how see through it is I suppose.