need help!

  1. so, i am new to the Louis Vuttion fourm, and i am looking to expand my collection and break down and buy my first LV. well, i usually just stick around with coach and juicy couture, but i saw a speed and absolutly loved it. i understand there are diffrent sizes and im looking for a recomendation on a speed and where i could find it since my closest LV boutique is 1hr and a half away. perosonally i am looking for the monogram, but am not very familair with LV at all and would appreciate your help :angel:
  2. How about e-luxury? Speedy is great, you'll love it..!
  3. Speedy is can check out some of LV bags at

    Can't go wrong with speedy as your first LV..
  4. yeah!!! speedy is the best from LV...
    maybe you should do some research on the size, i suggest a 25 or a 30.
  5. I am madly in love with my speedy 30. They have pics of people wearing them in the pics thread.
  6. Most people go with the 25 or 30. The 25 looks small but holds a surprising amount.
    Also, you can get the classic/traditional monogram, epi leather (comes in several colors) or the damier canvas. The monogram is a good starting piece, but the light colored handles can be kind of a pain--if that concerns you, damier or epi is a better bet....
  7. thanks alot!