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  1. So today I received payment of an item i had listed. It's my first item that I sold. The auction ended today and also the buyer paid same day. When I got the email that said you got cash from paypal I mailed it out soon after. Now I want to know how am i suppose to let ebay know I shipped the item. What do I do???? (this is the first time i've done this)
  2. If you purchased the shipping label through Paypal, it is directly linked to Ebay and next to your item, it will show "shipped".
    If you bought shipping at the PO or UPS store, just keep the tracking and informe buyer of the tracking info (buyer appreciate that). You have no obligation to inform Ebay!
  3. you don't need to do anything. you could mark the item as shipped under the options for that auction, but it really doesn't matter. you've done everything on your end. though a delivery confirmation number or tracking number is recommended in case the buyer claims he/she never received the item.

    i would get the money out of your paypal account as soon as possible.
  4. Pay your ebay fees first though. I pay mine as I go along. Then remove the $.
  5. ^^^ Can they just take out the fees through the winning bid?? I thought this would be easy now i'm having issues with the conformation # I need to use to verify my email address (it's not working). This is frustrating.
  6. i have a bill sent to me monthly for my ebay fees
  7. You go to your ebay site, click on sold items...then you mark the item as shipped. You go to your paypal account and click on details where the actual transaction is and add your tracking number. PP will then email the buyer with the tracking info. HTH,