Need help...........

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  1. hi all , need your advised..... i m planning get a pre - owned Auth LV ribera mini at price SGD650. Owned claims in In good Condition , kept well , no stain and carrying less than 10times ! ! ! but owned bought it on Jan ' 2003. ............ now year 2008. is it worth to get it since already 5yrs+ ??? ?? thanks.
  2. Hi, one of my pre-owner bags is 8 years old and is in near-perfect condition. But I had a chance to see it in real life before I made a decision. If you plan to buy from ebay, just request more photos to be sure that it is really fine.
  3. ask for clear pics.
  4. Totally worth it! LV bags, regardless of when it came out, are timeless pieces!
  5. mine is several years old as well and it's in like-new condition. if it really has been carried only a few times i bet it is. just ask for add'l photos so you can feel sure.
  6. [​IMG]here is the pic
  7. Ask for addional pics.