Need Help!!!

  1. Ok So I am getting married in March. At first we had planned a huge wedding but after starting to plan it and realizing it was alot to plan and having problems with my lovely MIL :cursing: we are not doing the big wedding. We are just getting married at the court house with our parents.

    So of course Im not wearing the dream wedding finally ok with that anyway! I need something to wear!!!

    It doesnt have to be white, but a cute dress would be perfect!!!

    Any help would be great!!!
  2. Well, congrats first off.

    Think about what you will be doing that day. Are you going to go out to a meal after? Any type of family get together? For a city hall type of thing, I'd likely do a knee or tea length dress. When my mom got married, she did it in front of a Justice of the Peace b/c my dad is Jewish and there was just a big mess about that w/ my mom's crazy parents. Anyway, she wore a tea length ivory dress w/ some beading. It was a more scaled down wedding dress, but still special to her all the same. Don't get me started on the bridesmaid dress she put me in though!

    I'd say think about your day first and what you wants are. Also, how are you built, what looks good on you, ect.

    You could go more bridal-ish, w/ a shorter dress, to try to compromise the dress you would have worn, KWIM?

    Just an idea, but something like this:


    And, sorry about the family drama. What really counts though is that you are marrying the guy you want to be with, not really how you do it, IMO. It's about the fact that you guys are getting married and making the commitment, rather than all the parties and fancy dresses, at the end of the day.
  3. thanks so much!!! i know me and my fiance are just happy to be together and to be getting married!!

    we will be going out to a local not fancy restuarnt after dinner...but i dont mind being a little dressy since i am getting married that day!!!

    those dresses you showed are beautiful but a little to doesnt have to be white but something still a little dressy!
  4. thanks!!!! these are all pretty...i like the middle one the best...i was thinking price range like 150 or under (i just dont want to spend too much...saving my money for the honeymoon!!!)....but something i can wear again!!!
  5. would it be weird to wear black?? or should i wear a more colorful dress?!
  6. ^I would personally go for more colorful and festive (or, of course, white) but you should wear whatever you're comfortable with! :smile:

    I really like these too:
    Eyelet Babydoll Dress

    Brocade Shift Dress
  7. ^ It's what you want. I would not do all black though.

    What about something like this?


    or this is pretty in silver and you could wear it again too:

    or this is pretty and it even comes in an ivory color, but is less dressy and you could still wear it again to a party/wedding, ect. like you said you wanted:

    ETA: look at this one too. It comes in ivory and is simple, yet pretty. The green is pretty too, if you wanted color, also comes in black.
  8. thanks!!! i like all the dresses you showed me!!! Maybe I should head to Macys and try some stuff one!!!! thanks so much!!!

    also since it will be march and possbily a little chilly out...should i wear a nice pair of pumps or wear like either ankle boots or high boot?? or should i decide once i have the dress picked out?!!