Need Help!!!

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  1. Ok So I Want This Keychain For My Parchment/lt Khaki Lg Carryall Hampton Bag. My Issue Is The Teal Color Suede Rubbing Off Onto My Light Colored Bag!! What Do You Think?
  2. I don't know about the ruboff, but that sure is cute!
  3. It might rub off... I know I had color transfer onto one of my white wristlets from my suede purse, but white shows stains a lot more than other colors. Do you have a photo of the parchment/lt khaki? I can't picture it in my head, so I don't know just how light your bag is.
  4. I think the fabric of the signature totes are pretreated to resist stains, so I don't think there would be any color transfer. Good luck!
  6. I have a bag that is similar to that one with the same trim. That trim is vachetta and is completely untreated. It picks up stains like crazy! I would not put that on my bag, if I were you. It will also pick up color transfer of dark clothing and cannot be used if it is raining because it will spot. My bag is very high maintenance which is the primary reason why I don't really use it anymore. Maybe try looking for a charm that is leather or brass to hang off your bag. Good luck!
  7. Great bag ! I would be concerned too !
  8. should i consider reselling it and looking for another style?
  9. I don't think you should necessarily get rid of it. You just have to be extra careful with it. If you really love the bag then keep it. Just be aware that it may spot. As it ages, it will develop a patina and the marks will become less noticeable however they are much more noticeable on this type of bag then some of the other vachetta bags. For example, there is an Ergo Vachetta tote that my friend has but that one already has been aged so the spots do not show as much. This one is untreated vachetta that has not been aged at all. While you are waiting for it to patina, it will show spots. I was told by my SA that you can remove small stains or transfers from clothing with a white eraser. Although they don't come out completely, it does help. Once it starts to patina (6 months or so) any marks on it will not be as noticeable. You will still need to keep it out of the rain though as it will spot with water.