Need help!

  1. I wear a size 6 but I am very curvy... I have a red wool sweater dress from Anthropologie and since it is short sleeves, I am looking for a charcoal long cardigan sweater to wear over it. Since it is very red, I also hope the charcoal color will tone it down as I want to be able to wear it to work. If the sweater is very thick I will look too curvey (I am already too curvy!) - but I want to be warm and comfortable too....

    Here is the dress

    I found one by Madeleine Press but it is $$$ and kind of thick, but I like the color and style and I know she makes quality stuff.

    I found this at urban outfitters - I like it but think it might be too short as the red dress is knee length.,-product.startDate&navCount=4&navAction=poppush&color=05

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a knee lenth cardigan that will go with red and not make me look too bulky and not take away too much (by fully covering) the dress?

  2. I just want to add - if you have any other ideas besides the long cardigan feel free to let me know! I've had the dress not for two months and have not worn it because nothing I have seems go to with it.

    And I love this but it is so far over my budget!!
  3. Hi there! I :heart: the color of the dress!

    I would recommend looking into Lily McNeal wrap sweaters. I bought one ~2 years ago that looks very similar to the Vivienne Westwood sweater you posted.

    Vince and Ya-Ya also makes comfy and cute sweaters as well. I really like this sweater coat, but not sure if it's what you are looking for.
    Another Vince sweater:

    Also, I would suggest trying a fitted blazer (not cropped) with the dress as well. Hope this helps!
  4. Also found a cheaper version of the Vince sweater on Revolve:
  5. Thank you! I clicked the Revolve link - I love the sweater you posted and that led to this one - I think it looks perfect. They only have ivory and black left - do you think black would be better with that dress? It is such a great price! Do you know the designer (Dream Society)? If you do, do you think a curvy 6 would be a small or medium?

    I do think it will be a little shorter than the dress (which is 36" - hits at knee). Do you still think it will look ok?

    Thanks for all your help!
  6. Glad I can help! Not sure about the sizing for Dream Society, but Lily McNeal sweaters run a bit big. I ordered a XS wrap sweater (mine has no buttons, just a tie wrap) and I'm 0-2 depending on the brand. Vince runs pretty true to size.

    I do think the cream/ivory color will go well with the red dress. It's not as harsh as red/black IMO. Best of luck!
  7. ^I agree about the ivory and red being a better combination (not so severe). It sounds like we have similar body types, and I'd just be weary of not adding too much bulk with a big sweater. That's just from my experience though!
  8. Personally I wouldn't wear a long sweater with this and just opt for a simple cardigan. The dress is super cute, but with the styling of it, I just see a long cardigan being overwhelming.
  9. Thank you! I am glad you said that about the long cardigan because I wound up getting a short one. I wanted to go with the ivory but instead ordered a beautiful Lily McNeal wrap on that only came in grey. Hopefully that won't be too dark. I have the feeling I will get a lot of use out of the sweater. Thanks for all the help!