Need Help

  1. :confused1:Hello! I'm new this site.
    I just got Bambinone in Spiaggia print at Masy's because it was such a bargain.But, I really like Bella bag.
    I think I'm going to get either Spiaggia or Citta Rosa Bella.
    Which print will you pick?
    I'm not good at coordinate my clothes. Please give an advice! :idea:
  2. Citta Rosa Bella because then you would have 2 different prints!! Welcome to the ADDICTiON!!!
  3. I think it depends on the placement of the ones you find. And what colors you wear. Don't worry about it too much; you'll end up with both anyway;)
  4. :roflmfao: So true~
  5. If you can the Citta Rosa, get it!! I have not yet been able to find one in stores so if you're lucky enough, you should get it.
  6. Yes, if you can get citta rosa then get that print. Since you already have something in spiaggia. I love the bella too!

  7. Yes you probably will end up with both. I didn't plan on buying this many bags. I would go with the Citta Rose personally if you did just get one.
  8. Thank you so much for all your advice!!!
    I ended up to getting Citta Rosa Bella, but there is a Foresta Bella too.
    I personally really like the Foresta print, but Bella is a small bag, so I want a
    little more vivid color on it. But Foresta Bella is maybe easy to match with any color clothes. It's difficult to choose. Once again, if Citta Rosa or Foresta, which print whould you go for??
  9. Lol! Decisions... Decisions... Get both! :nuts:

    If the style is a bella I would still go with the citta rosa. I think foresta looks better on a bigger bag.
  10. I find that i don't have to worry too much about my toki bags matching my outfit because there are so many colors in the bags that they end up matching anyway!
  11. i think i've only seen one spiaggia bella.. but i don't think that print is too great on that style. i'd say citta rosa.. i'm partial to that print because it's the one that got me into toki :smile: