Need help!!

  1. I am planning on going on a trip to Hawaii, I don't know where I want to go in Hawaii or what I want to do. I know there is so much to do but what and where? I also want to find a good deal on hotel and airfare too! Can anyone give me some advice/ suggestions? TIA!!:heart:
  2. Hello,

    First of all do you want city or country or both? Let's start there and it'll help to decide which island is for you.
  3. City: Oahu
    Country: Big Island (Hawaii), Kauai, Lanai
    Both: Maui

    I use Expedia, they seem to have the best prices for hotels in Hawaii.
  4. Yuppers...there are 8 major islands, but 2 are pretty much off limits w/o invitaion....

    Oahu has the best shopping, and there is still some "country" on the N.Shore, but each island has lots to offer.

    I'm partial to Maui, but then, that's where I live. :p
  5. oahu has the best shopping, hands down. like rileygirl said, maui has a combo of city and country.

    the big island of hawaii and kauai has really nice nature activies.

    all the islands have unique activities to offer. also its not too difficult to go island hopping too.
  6. My family loves Maui, especially Ka'anapali- but then again we love routine (been going to same place, doing the same stuff for two decades :p) Ka'anapali is nice little strip of hotels right on the beach (with a nice little shopping center called Whaler's Village with LV, Tiffanys, and Coach in addition to lots of tchotchke stores) up the road from Weilea, where the Grand Weilea Resort and the Four Seasons is- however, both areas are pretty pricey. Maui is pretty developed and very touristy- on the other hand my father prefers Kauai for it's more rural, "naturey" feel. One thing I'd highly recommend is Trilogy catamaran snorkeling trips- it's a whole day event and they feed you breakfast and lunch.

    Have a great time!
  7. Thanks girls for responding!:flowers:I am really clueless about Hawaii except what I watch on the Travel Channel, those shows w/ Samantha Brown.

    Rileygirl: I'd like a little of both country and city. Thanks for that tip I hadn't tried Expedia.:flowers:
  8. JunkenPo, you live in Maui you are so lucky!! I know I heard somewhere that it's bad luck to takelike natural stuff off the island. I think it was on an episode of the Brady Bunch or maybe the Travel channel :confused1:. Why are there 2 islands that are off limits are they uninhabitated?
  9. Oh, What about hotels? Which are good ones to stay at?
  10. caley: I've never heard of Kauai I'd really like to do some nature stuff. I need some soul soothing activities I think nature would do that. On TV I've seen some gorgeous waterfalls I know that would be awesome and the lava that runs into the ocean would be nice to see too.
  11. try, they have good vacation packages
  12. ValleyOppressed: Would you recommend snorkeling for a very unexperienced swimmer? I can swim but by myself I've tried swimming holding my son or daughter and I start to sink like a rock!:push: I am going to look up Ka'anapali. Thanks!
  13. Sonya, sounds like Maui, Big Island and Kauai would be your best bet. Big Island has the volcano that is erupting and a lot of outdoor activity. Maui and Kauai are simply beautiful but there's not much to do at all on Kauai. How long will you be staying? I think Kauai is good for 3 days, after that you might go crazy (I do at least).
  14. BTW,recentlywe've had quite a few drownings because of our strong currents. I don't recommend jumping into the beach, esp. with small kids if you don't know the area well. I think better safe than sorry.
  15. Thanks samoXenina never heard of that site but definitely gonna check it out!:flowers: