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  1. Does anyone know if there is fake hermes shoes?

    I was too excited when I saw this black hermes shoes sold in eBay for less than $300 ( I saw the same style but diff. color at bluefly for $700) and paid it already through paypal few days ago. Is that possible for shoes like louboutin, hermes, miu-miu have fakes?

  2. I was told there are fakes of everything. But that does not mean that yours is. Post some photos??
  3. I know there are fake louboutin, gucci, chloe, chanel, LV, tods shoes... maybe you can post it in authenticate thread?
  4. Thanks Mrssparkles,princessfrog .. will post some pictures soon ..
  5. Oh dear. I hope you can post pictures quickly, mrssulimdro. Let the experts help you over at the other thread. I understand that there's a way to stop payment for Paypal right?
  6. Fake shoes!!! Who has the time to come up with these schemes?
  7. Thanks everyone, thx quennie .. so here are the pictures :

    These are the hermes shoes I'm talking about .. The shoes, however, don't come with box or anything .. but brand new .. retail for $801 and bought in eBay for less than $250 .. the pic is belong to the seller (power seller) - left hand side-, the right hand side is from

    Please expert, help me ~~
  8. oops the pic's don't work ...

  9. Sorry, but this needs to be posted in the Authenticate This Hermes Thread, located in the Hermes shopping subforum. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.