Need help!

  1. I am looking to purchase a LV handbag for my girlfriend on her birthday. Looking at a few ideas. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know on here or you can email me @ Would appreciate any help. She is going to be 26 is that matters. Was considering this bag... but see someone is also considering a similar one for their infant daughter. maybe a bad idea?
  2. I would say pochette or speedy. They are slightly more grown up and larger too.
  3. yep, with a speedy you cant go wrong!! The size is great and she will use it all the time!
  4. i would say the riveting pochette.
    or the MC pochette in white
  5. speedy 25 or 30, either monogram or damier. if it is a 1st LV purchase for her.
  6. The purse in your pic (Mini HL Multicolor) is cute, but I must agree with others that the Speedy is a classic you can't go wrong with. A Speedy 25 is a good size to start with, either in Damier (checkerboard-like pattern) or the classic Monogram Canvas (with the LV and flower design, brown and gold). Hope this helps.
  7. I'd go Speedy 25/30 or pochette (plus the extender) - she will be sooo grateful! :p
  8. I went with the speedy 25. Figure if she prefers another style she can always exchange it. I do appreciate all the feed back though! Very helpful and so is the forum in general! Thanks for helping me through this....
  9. Speedy 25 in mono
  10. Good choice!! I bet she will love it!
  11. I think your original idea of the mini multicolor HL is perfect. But looks like you chose the speedy 25...she'll love either one I'm sure!
  12. Get a speedy 25 in Azur! Best bang for your buck. I bought that bag for both my friends and I should've gotten them speedys instead. I was a newbie back then tho'. Didn't know any better. Thank goodness for TPF.
  13. Saleya in Azur great for summer! or speedy azur! anything in azur really!!!!
  14. Damier speedy 25 or any other lines ;)
  15. Depending on what you want to spend. I would go for a speedy or BH.