Need Help - Zipper Tab Issue

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  1. Hope someone can help me out - I have the plum leather bleeker tote (12362) and am in need of the top zipper pull tab.

    I did contact customer service and they did not have any to send out unfortunately. I have also been trying to track one down through phone calls to stores but can't seem to locate one.


  2. you could try sending it in for repair, or using a charm as a new fun zipper pull.
  3. They don't have any more according to customer service so I have to rely on a store that has one in returns or damages
  4. What color is it? There is a seller on ebay (and bonanzle) who sells parts for Coach including zipper pulls. They have all the basic colors and some metallic and patent colors. PM me if you want their name. I have bought several things from them before.