Need help....xmas gift!

  1. Hello all!!

    I need some help. My fiance and I need to get his sister something for xmas and i am all outta ideas!
    She originally wanted a betsey jonhson purse for her bday which was in november (just turned 17) but she also got a dog so their mom ended up keeping the purse and she is going to give it to her for she asked us to get it and i told her to give me some more ideas just in case they didnt have it....i didnt know what else to say because their mom already got it.

    so my question is what should we get a 17 year old!!!

    Shes girly but not to girly....she doesnt need any make up because i got her a ton of it for her bday. We really want to get her something special.

    any suggestions would be great!!!!
  2. If she doesn't have an i-pod, yet, that would be a good gift. Or maybe a leather jacket, a pair of Uggs (if she's into them), or a Tiffany necklace.
  3. I don't know budget, but what about some nice earrings- Blue Nile has diamond studs that start around $200 or you could get her birthstone stud earrings. Studs- gem and diamond are classic and I think every girl should have some! Lots of other online jewelers too that you could search if you like the idea.
  4. thanks!! she has an ipod and uggs....her ipod is old so thats a good idea to look into getting her a new one!

    and she has a tiffany necklace that she never really wears so id rather get her something she would use or wear!
  5. thanks!! im going to check out blue nile...birth stone earrings would be really nice..i have a pair and acutally wear mine all the time...thats a good idea thanks so much!
  6. Since she likes Betsy Johnson you could get her something else from there. A wallet to match the bag or just a giftcard!?!

  7. thanks!!! i went to bestys website and there werent any wallets on there...know anywhere that sells them?!!!