Need help! X-mas gift men's wallet


Nov 3, 2007
I am looking to get my boyfriend a new wallet. He has a normal wallet but never uses it because it is bulky he says. He needs something he can easily slip into his pocket. I thought about a burberry money clip, but I think he would prefer something he can flip through to see which card he wants to use or whatever. His "wallet" now looks something like a photo holder but turned the other way. Maybe I should just get him a "photo holder" thing and tell him its a wallet. I'm tired of seeing this old thing. Anyway if anyone knows of a great wallet, let me know. I am posting a picture of his old one so you can have an idea of what I am looking for.


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prof ash

Jun 10, 2007
I think you should still look at Burberry's products if you're leaning towards them already. I got my boyfriend the a wallet called an 'ID Billfold' from the website for his birthday, and it's perfect because it never falls out of his back pocket, is thin, but still has enough slots to keep credit cards, money & pictures in. I also love the pattern (I got his in dark brown with the Burberry pattern & horse on the front) because it's stylish yet still simple, like a plain leather wallet would be. It was better than looking at his ratty wallet on the counter that I could'nt wait to replace ;)

If your boyfriend wants something with more dividers, like the one in the picture, I would get him more of a wallet with than a billfold- something with more compartments.

Coach men's wallets are also slim but with enough slots for everything. Good luck searching :smile: