NEED HELP!!! Would you sell this for this???

  1. OKAY GIRLS... I need HELP/VOTES from each and every one of you so I can make up my mind. Would you sell this for the COACH Heritage XL SATCHEL in Geranium??? HELP:shrugs: I know... YES I would love to have both but can not afford too right now, OKAY which one???[​IMG]
  2. Yes! Sell!
  3. while I love the pink and am a pink girl, I would sell it to get the newer bag.
  4. :tup::tup: Geranium satchel!
  5. sell it now! you'll get a newer bag plus (no offense) but this style always looks faded/dirty to me which is why I never got any peices in this pattern. I also love pink but the new geranium is so fresh and hot!
  6. Keep the XL and sell the pink!
  7. Sell it, sell it for sure!! If you haven't seen my pics of my XL satchel in the khaki/white, scroll down, you should see the thread for it... you'll love it much more i guarantee... but its your choice! can't wait to hear what you decide to do!
  8. i actually like the speedy style i say NO.. seems rare.. u can get the other purse later..
  9. I like this bag better.
  10. nutz4purses, now that I think of it, I have this satchel in the white/silver color.
    I purchased it in Macy's a few years ago and never used it, it's in it's dust bag stored away. You've inspired me:idea:, I think I take it out and put it on eBay!
  11. I like the bag you have.
  12. I think what you have is adorable! I do like the satchel , though, and I'd agree that you could sell long as you don't use eBay during February (protesting their changes!)...:p
  13. I like the bag you have now, it is unique, isn't the satchel really heavy?
  14. the silver splash does make it look a bit dirty but its the style of the bag i like.. what is the serial so i can look it up?
  15. :yes:Sell